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When Darkness Falls

Shock horror no border :wow: :giggle: :D

Just a crazy sky while out cycling (Charente-Maritime, France) :D

Oh and a long time ago I said that I would make some of my photos into wallpapers, well I have actually started to get around to this, so if you would like this as a wallpaper note me with your email address and I will send it to you. (more will follow)

I would offer it as a downloadable version but I want to know where my photos end up hence the slightly more long winded approach :)

Thank you everyone, I hope you're all well :glomp:
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Eye in the sky... Dusk. Not yet night.
CobaltCrane's avatar
It is amazing. I love the way the light seeps through the gaps of the clouds. :D
TaNgeriNegreeN1986's avatar
:aww: yea I love it when the sky does that :D
carhot's avatar
Now that's one dramatic sky! :D
TaNgeriNegreeN1986's avatar
Indeed it was, wish I could have got a better shot :)
carhot's avatar
But it's good! It almost looks like a painting. :aww:
TaNgeriNegreeN1986's avatar
Haha yea I guess, it needs something more though to give it an extra push :p if that makes sense :confused: :p
carhot's avatar
It get you. The thing you need is two hands reaching for each other as they point with their index fingers. :D :giggle: Sorry, I couldn't help it.
TaNgeriNegreeN1986's avatar
Hahaha that could be difficult piecing them onto that other picture :p
carhot's avatar
Hmm... maybe you're right? :confused:
SyllAndy's avatar
wonderful sky! :clap:
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