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Character Traits Scale-by-Scale Meme



A lot of fill-in-the-blank character profiles, memes, and charts ask for irrelevant information such as a character’s favorite color or shoe size. These aspects don’t significantly determine how a character acts in situations. For instance, a highly passive character being held hostage would cower in fear, while a highly aggressive character would fight back with all their strength. Also, what makes a character distinctive is how their personality traits interact. A rebellious-passive person may want to disagree with what they’re told, but due to their passive nature, do not express this, at lest not openly.

You may notice that the traditional Chaotic/Lawful and Good/Evil scales aren’t present. I purposefully omitted them because they tend to be more subjective than the other scales. The terms “good” and “evil” have a wide variety of definitions that encompass many traits. Also, chaotic and lawful are often viewed as synonymous with evil and good respectively. I do though have similar scales for these.

EDIT: Just for further clarity, the Trusting/Suspicious scale is about how likely and much a character is to trust someone else.
EDIT 2: I moved the arrow, slider, and directions to the bottom so they could be more easily removed by MSPaint users and so more of the actual meme is visible in the preview.

I created this meme to be easy for MSPaint users to manipulate. Sorry that there isn't much room between the scales, but it should be easy for you to make more room.

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This will be great for character sheets ^^ Thanks for making it.