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Demara megito vent peice
Just a targeted vent peice twords a toxic person who was in my life
Im so happy. Im getting a booth and stuff at my local anime convention ^.^ ima be sellin art and stuff
Well, this goes for three main things:

-People who complain about different fetishes, especially the ones that are JUST SO ICKY.

-People complaining about any particular kink at all. Yes, same as the fetish, but this just annoys me to no end so it needed to be said twice. For both what people to with others or what they fap too.

-People complaining about a relationship that they don't approve of. You all know the main one I'm talking about...though others are still being frowned upon too even though we all thought they'd be cool after, you know, we left the 1950's.

Really as long as it's consensual between people or if it's legal, you really shouldn't be caring about what they decide to do in their me time. Why is that, exactly?

Well, for one, it's really none of your business. A lot of people try to keep their kinks more to themselves and don't shove it into others faces (and any comments of BUT IT SEE IT EVERYWHERE ON DAAAASSS SO IT'S ALL OVER MEEEH FACE BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CLICK THE BACK BUTTON will be pleeeasantly ignored because, God that's growing stupid).
Yes, they may draw them, and yes, you may have to look at the thumbnails, and yes the bigger thumbnails makes it a little harder to miss but you don't have to throw a giant hissy fit over it.

Another is when you keep going on about the fetish you are honestly making yourself look just as sick as you believe these fetish-bearers are; just considering that you cannot stop thinking about them doing their business.

Another is you don't even know these people and I bet you wouldn't be happy if they suddenly got obsessed with your sex life and started screaming 'EEWWWWWWW HETEROSEXUAL VANILLA SEX IS SO GROSS YOU SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO DO IT ANYMORE 8C'.

Another is, guy, it's not your fucking business. It doesn't matter if you find a fetish yucky or if you find these two certain people together just as yucky - again, if legal and/or both parties are cool with it, just let them go at each other. No one's forcing you into the room and tying you down so you have to watch.

We don't care what goes on in your bedroom. Stop raving over what happens in ours, thank you very, very much.

Other stamps: [link]

Disclaimer: It's common sense that a lot of people care if fetish art on Deviantart go against the rules. I don't see what's wrong if it doesn't break any rules though. I'm not a fan of seeing characters blown up like a balloon but it's easy enough to just ignore it, even if it comes in waves. Is it really that difficult to do the same for everyone else?
im doing free comissions.
1. Only one character
2. Keep it PG 13 nothing too lewd
3. I can deny requests
4. It would be appreciated if i can be credited
5. If i don't get to you im sorry
6. Give me a discription of the character in dms


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Hey im tanger33n i do arts and stuff


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