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Dokaro - The Ulcer of the Empire

By Tangaboa
A labyrinthian city muddled with different regions, all independent of each other, yet so closely interlinked. Moss stone houses turn to endless rows of tents, mud buildings make way for ornate mansions of beautiful marble and granite. Beauty can be found within Dokaro's many walls, but in the ruin and dangerous back alleys, it can be hard to spot.
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you are much better than i am at this sort of thing congrats.
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Nice! City maps are a crazy amount of work sometimes, and the planning! I can see the effort that went into this one, well done.

(Xcali from the Carto-guild)
Tangaboa's avatar
Thank you! Yes, they really can be tough work, trying to make them flow and looks like they function in one way or another, but they're very satisfying after you finish! :D
Starcave's avatar
Yeah! I can't agree with you more. :D And they are very satisfying after crossing the finishing line. 
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What a stunning work there ! It's great to see how each part of the town has its own personality ^^
Tangaboa's avatar
Thanks Beee, that means a lot coming from you! :D
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Thanks Ilanthar! :)
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Its dimensions remind me a little of the Millennium Falcon. "Ulcer of the Empire" is an amusing nickname. Better than "Asshole of the Empire." 😁
Tangaboa's avatar
Haha, yes indeed! ;)
Nytrix-Vixen's avatar
This looks amazing, and cool theme for the stone names! Did you come up with it yourself?
Tangaboa's avatar
Thank you! :D

It was a commission where the client had a rough idea of the layout and had come up with all the names already, so I can't take credit for those.
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Nice map but what is 20?
Tangaboa's avatar
Thanks and good spot! That was the Mudfort, which ended up not being labelled. I accidently uploaded the wrong version, haha, so all corrected now!
RO51's avatar
:D happy I could help. And again, great work!
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Thank you Francesca!
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Really nice work Greg :D
Looks like a place witrh a bunch of stories happening.
Tangaboa's avatar
Thanks John! Yes, it certainly is a place full of mystery!
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