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I'm currently in the process of updating my website - moving it over to the cargo collective instead of using my own flash efforts which frankly are looking a little bit shabby after 3 years. The only problem is that the Cargo websites don't support PDF format so I'm having to use dropbox to host the files... You can see how the webiste is looking here (Still working on a banner... any thoughts?)

In other news I've got my Folksy shop back up and running selling printed kits of some of my designs.

Now I know what you're thinking - the whole point of paper toys is that anyone in the world can download and print free of charge (as opposed to the crazy prices and exclusivity of the Urban Vinyl scene) and I'm totally for that - I'm going to keep putting the models for my toys up on the interwubs for the world and his wife to get crafty, especially blanks of the toys so they can design their own unique one. However, I think that they also make great gifts in kit form - not everyone is scouring the internets looking for papercraft exactly and if you're after something for a friend then it saves the hassle of sourcing the right card and getting everything printed and wrapped in order to make a present. I'm planning on doing a couple of craft fairs in the next couple of months with some friends so having something physical is a great help.

Not that this is a sales pitch... honest.
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Glad to see you're still on the go with the paper models tomathon :-)