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Hey folks, just a quick post to say I've not been snarfed by zombies or crushed under the weight of my son's cuddly toys (it was a close shave)

I've got a couple of things I'm working on currently - a 3D printed boardgame, a cardgame involving spoons (spoooooooooooons!) and a PC game based off one of my series of paper toys so apologies for the lack of news as I'm struggling to fit it all in with the day job and still trying to spend time with my family. Need a 25th hour. and a 26th.

Anyhoo, there will be pics laters but in the meantime, I still function!

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Tom!!! I have missed thee!!
How is the little one!!
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Hey you're back! Your message center must have been jam packed! :D How are you?
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actually use this link. It only went live last night and still seems to be on the "coming soon" page
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yay! no death by stinky nappy's and toys.
How you been?

check out my website !! I have a website !!!
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Good to hear you're still alive!
Shall we eventually get to see pictures of aforementioned boardgame?