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After a lot of faffing around and a complete overhaul this lunchtime, My website is pretty much ready for business. The hardest part was trying to get blogger integration to work so I can add extra bits over time. The first thing I plan to do with it after adding a bit more of a bio is to go through my toys and explain where the influences and what challenges I had with them. So basically a PDP (why didn't I think of doing this in Uni? might have ended up with more than a desmond :p)

Anyhoo, go have a lookit at and let me know what you think.
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Looks good to me.
I hated having to keep a PDP updated during uni. I never really knew what to put in it. It's not like I've been back to it since either.
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my problem was that I was looking at too many things without documenting that I'd looked at them. Kind of a hassle I know but there's no deadlines now and I'm planning of going through the designs I've already made so other peeps can see my design process and learn from my mistakes :p