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Interactive Stanley

A lil summary of how I've been playing around with making my paper toys more interactive - by including QR codes as part of their design. These lil blighters are 2 dimensional bar codes that if you have the appropriate software on your phone, they can take you to wap based content just by taking a picture of them.

The one on the base of stanley's foot for example takes you to a wap minisite giving info about stanley - like a pokedex basically. (I was learning the WML as i went so its just a proto)
Hopefully i'll be adding this to more of my models in the future - I've already got stan roderick and trevor kinda sorted but havent posted up the nets yet.

If you want to have a go yourself then google QR codes and have a look at some of the generator - a good viewer for your phone is called i-nigma and if you point it to [link] you can download the app on the fly.

PS I didnt get the job :p
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Okay, this is actually REALLY cute. X> Somehow
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I believe it's the forearms... they bypass the rational parts of the brain
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nice papercraft man i thought that was Canti at first but i guess its Stanley?

anyhoo GJ with the tech and the paper!
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I was inspired by canti but when i was starting out i was a bit scared of modelling all that, it has hints of canti but i'm slightly obsessed with really big forearms.
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haha yea Canti has huge forearms idk how they are gonna stay on o.O
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wow, technology is crazy.
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i know... throw rocks at it before it takes over the earth!!

I think its pretty cool to add a digital overlay over things - like magnetic fiels or radio waves that you can't see but can sense with the right tools.... *geek glazes*....
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use the force ... of technology. cant see it but its everywhere;)
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hey this is cool man!
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A Tomimon Stanlemon, =p

nice Idea dude, I know you were really interestedi n those swipe codes... my insulin pens even have them!
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I got a bit obsessed about augmented reality last year for my dis... well that was the excuse at the time ^^
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I see the QR code now and then, but I don't think my phone's set up for it. I recall you mentioning it before, and I think the idea is still quite awesome. :D

Plus, his design's quite funky. ;D

Sucks about the job though.. They don't know what talent they're letting go. ;P
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