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Angel snail protos

Hey hey, kept these in the dark for a while because technically i wasn't supposed to be working on this but anyhoo, the story goes like this: (Apologies if it's a bit rambling... its been bothering me for ages)

About 2 month back in a discussion on Nice Paper Toys about whether or not its possible to make money on paper toys, a stranger posts a reply asking for a uk based toy designer to do some work for them. Thinking it's going to be swamped and there's no chance in hell that I'd get the job (and 6 months of frustrated job searching and wondering if i would ever be able to do arty stuff for a living or just sign off and put on my burger flipping hat) I send them an email saying that i'd love to do it.

Turns out its for the Dali Universe - A reputable museum in the heart of london (right next to the london eye).
And they picked me.
And they want to pay me.

Que panic and flapping as i hastily cobbled together some terms and fees (if anyone asks you the same... set yourself an hourly wage and work out how long it would take to do all the parts of the project seperately. Also ask about copyright and intellectual property) as in the meantime they send me a goodie bag of dali related stuff - An exhibiton catalog, some postcards and a dvd of dali in new york (I havent plucked up the guts to watch it yet...)

Things are going fine and dandy, I'm sketching ideas for how i want the model to look and how user friendly it should be - It's for the gift shop so i was aiming for a fun model that was easy for the average 8 yr old to cobble together and still make adults want to make their own too (so not too designer or "urban"). My ideas were either a steampunk space venus type jobby, based on all the modified venus de milo statues that dali made; or a snail with wings, based on another statue about the god mercury alighting on the back of a snail... In the end i decided on the snail because it has more character.

Whilst i'm schemeing schemes, plotting plots and trying to get my 3rd dimension on, the giant doom and gloom of this mahoosive economic reccession kicks in and i get an email back from the Dali peeps saying that they unfortunately left it a wee bit late to sign off my fees on the payroll for this year, so i would have to postpone until the nu-zilla.
A bit annoying as i went to all the trouble of signing on the dole in order to get some business start up help from a council run intiative, and now have to fill in a school book report style form showing the man that I'm not dossing and doing everything i can to find a job. Admittedly i'd be applying for things anyway and the money is nice... but it gives me this sick feeling that i'm not performing to my full capabilities as a citizen and scabbing off johnny taxpayer.
Bang goes the dream of doing what i love.

So i go all clark kent a little and have the jobhunting side of me whilst still working on the paper toy and when i was quite happy with a rough design in Pepakura I emailed a screenshot to the dali peeps as a cheeky "I'm still here under the radar" memo.
I wasn't expecting my contact to absolutely love it and take it to the next marketing meeting... O_O wee bit scary seeing as it was only a pre-proto and didn't have any detail on it, let alone colour schemes and graphics.

Then there was the option of travelling down to london with the missus helping out on her 6yr old workshop in a local school and on the off chance i mailed the dali peeps to see if they wanted to look at some models in the flesh (pulp?)... and they arranged a meetup.
I went to see my client. It still shocks me saying that but the mimi and I went to the museum this last monday, comped tickets and all. (If anyone is in the london area or have been making eyes at ths museum for some time, it's well worth a look - not like a conventional gallery in many ways really) We noodled around the gallery and then met up with the lady i've been corresponding with and showed her my latest proto. (Actually not one of the ones pictured - it's mid sized betweenthe two and i gave it to her as a sign of good faith that i wont be forgotten)

The scary thing is that not only does she like it to pieces, but she's going to make sure that i'm going to get paid for the job... and i havent even started the colourways or the surface design at all...

*runs round and round in small circles*
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they are really cool!! :P
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Congrats. *I* always knew you had talent =p
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congrats for the sucess ^_^, btw ,are you interested in designing mech papercraft?
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That, is pretty dang neat. :D Both the snails, and the rant.
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Those are so cute, and an awesome concept. I don't usually like snails, but if I saw one flying around I'd be like WOMG FLYING SNAIL. Very cool. :D
Angus-coorporation's avatar
wow is amazing!
nice style :)
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Thanks, the snail design is similar to an animation I made last year in flash about a slug working in an office stuck in a dead end job.
You can find it here [link]
Angus-coorporation's avatar
wow nice concept in the flash
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