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ABC Meme Characters

Yes, Yes, I know that I already made my own cartoon character alphabet, and that I've already done many character memes, but just wanted to do this meme, and fanart is what I do best

So, here's my abc meme using vairous characters from cartoons, comics, and anime and manga

A is Asterix
B is BlackJack
C is Chowder
D is Dexter
E is Eddy
F is Finn
G is Garield
H is Hellboy
I is Ickis
J is Jake
K is Krumm
L is Lupin the 3rd
M is Mandy
N is Naruto
O is Odie
P is Pikachu
Q is Quick Draw McGraw
R is Roger Rabbit
S is Snowy
T is Tintin(my #1 favorite):D
U is Unico
V is Vendetta
W is Woody WoodPecker
X is X-Men
Y is Yosemite Sam
Z is Inspector Zenigata
and the extras are Captain Haddock, an anime version of Hercule Poirot(my 2nd favorite:)),Bugs Bunny, and Jigen

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