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RE-NOCTIS - Rene Faure
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Published: August 6, 2014
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FINALLY I GOT TO REDRAW HIM. After one year! Wee ~ I can't wait for the next events ~

What happened after one year:

Rene has finally gotten comfortable around the headquarters and has now opt to wear his sweater rather than his blazer. After spending lots of time with his teammates and other people, he has gotten much more better at being an agent and often worries about the other's safety. After countless teasing from other agents, he finally tossed his former mask and now uses a much more... subtle mask. Never bring up the mask ever again. 


Lit. style

DA Notes


"Bon coeur ne peut mentir."
The heart sees farther than the head."

"My mask is not made of panties!"

P r o f i l e

        ◆ Name: René Faure
        ◆ Age: 18
        ◆ Gender: Male
       ◆ Height: 5"4'
       ◆ Weight: 112.2 lbs.
         ◆ Orientation: Bisexual
         ◆ Birthday: February 6
       ◆ Nationality: Canadian

         ◆ Race: Human

        ◆ ID#: 16
        ◆ Occupation: Student
      ◆ Rank: 1
◆ Department: Information
      ◆ Title: The Brave Knight of Cups
        ◆ Weapon
: Bow and Arrow
                       Having years of practice with archery, René has deadly precision with his weapon. He can quickly launch any arrow from any location but  is slow when it comes to rugged terrain. Despite having high accuracy, the bow and arrow is unrealiable when it comes to moving targets. Another setback of this weapon is that René is only able to have limited arrows with him, thus making him vulnerable when  he runs out of it.


P e r s o n a l i t y

        ◆Quick ◆Artistic ◆Elegant ◆Guillable ◆Dishonest
◆Reckless ◆Hopeless Romantic ◆"Two-faced"

Having been raised in a loving family, René is normally gentle and kind. He has a sweet disposition, making him likeable to other people. René is comfortable conversing with a group of people and is rarely seen alone. Excitement is his thing as René despises routine life and often looks for change. Due to this, he easily bores of anything, be it food or people.

Despite his rather composed and masculine(!?) aura, René is actually quite feminine deep inside. He likes romance and is often seen reading romance novels. He is rather direct with his feelings and is rather blunt about it. Embarrassing people with compliments and words of praise is his sidetime hobby. Whenever a person comes too close to him, he easily gets flustered and always make it a point to keep space between him and anyone.

On the down side, René is easily persuaded and will often believe people easily. He trusts easily and blindly, leaving him often hurt and betrayed. Even with all his past mistakes, he still remains guillable as he tends to believe more in the good side of a person. However, René is quite the liar himself and will often lie and trick other people to get what he thinks is best for himself. Logic is not his forte and he follows instinct more. When he truly believes his goal, he will bravely fight for it until he succeeds.

◆ Trivia       

        X Ren
é loves sweets and anything pink. Getting him items that are flowery will surely keep him happy for the entire day.
        X He will always retrieve his arrows from fallen enemies.
        X He plays the violin quite well.
        X Has photographic memory.
        X NEVER CALL HIS MASK LACE PANTIES. He will hate you forever, regardless if you meant it as a joke.
        X He learned archery as an elective in his school.
        X Many mock him for his "contrasting" personality.

        ◆ Likes & Dislikes

        + Lace (not from panties gdi)
        + Formal events 
        + His family
        + Strawberry Shortcake

        - Failing to hit the enemy
        - Losing his arrows
        - Alcohol
        - Spirits

B a c k g r o u n d

            Raised in a quaint, brick cottage on the edge of King's City, René had a rather happy childhood. His parents were loving and his brothers were kind and considerate. He had plenty of friends at school so he was always kept busy until the end of the day. Running home, René would be welcomed with embraces and kisses and he knew that he extremely fortunate to have such a life.

        At the back of his mind, he knew it would not last forever. Strange shadows started appearing in dark places and he would often hear footsteps trailing behind him that when he turned around, would reveal no one and just fade away. Knowing that such occurences were not normal, he kept it to himself and did not say a word to anyone. Life continued on as usual, with the occasional shadows here and there.

        When he turned 10, things started becoming worse. Not only were the shadows forming into distinct human creatures, he also started hearing them clearly. Ignoring everything like usual became difficult and soon, his family started noticing his blank gazes and darting eyes. The first time they asked about it, he quickly denied anything and blamed it on the lack of sleep.

        But when the voices started constructing sentences, René could not help but listen. He learned of these "lost" spirits and how they were suffering. They would whisper to him sad and tragic stories that until now, he did not know were possible in his happy world. Lending an ear for these unfortunate souls were the least thing he could do, and spending days outside with his friends slowly decreased and decreased until he would just stay in his room listening to them until nightime. Explaining that his skin was darkening and that he needed to study more, his parents blindly believed him and continued life as usual.

        Listening to their tales let René know how lucky he was and soon he put his whole trust in them. One afternoon after school, one particularly lonely spirit asked him how dearly it wanted to talk with his brother. Not wanting to dissapoint his friends, he agreed and excitedly told his brother that his friend wanted to meet him. Rather confused at his 16-year-old little brother, his brother agreed to meet them at the park the next day.

        It was the next day that his perfect life fell apart when his brother suddenly just fainted the moment René met him at the park. He panicked and asked his friends what happened and suddenly, for the first time ever since they appeared in his life, they disappeared. Panicking even more when he couldn't carry him, he ran home sobbing into his surprised mother's arms. His brother was quickly brought to the hospital and the doctors were surprised when they saw that everything was normal. Everyone was dumbfounded. His brother never woke up for weeks. René stopped coming to school and would stay beside his brother's bedside everyday, refusing to come home, muttering under his breathe that "Everything was their fault". Confused with their son's behavior, they brought him to the hospital's resident therapist, explaining to him that the man was going to make everything alright. Blindly believing them once more, René told the doctor everything that happened for the past 8 years in one session. If only if he had known that that was going to be the last time he saw his family.

        When he woke up, he realized he was in a dark place that was the most foul smelling thing he had smelled all his life. With just a quick scan of his area, René knew that this was the place everyone called prison. Thousands of cells were aligned in front of him and water would keep on dripping and dripping. He saw that many cells were occupied but whenever he tried communicating with them, no one would ever reply. Confused and lost, human interaction was the one thing that he craved for the next days. Food and water were scarcely brought down to him and he felt his mind caving in.

        When the interrogators came, René knew this time that it was time to trick and lie to them, believing that that was the best option. They were hardly pleased with him and continued on with their harsh questions and methods. Months passed by, with the same routine everyday, and René began thinking if he should just tell them everything like he did with the therapist. He knew deep inside that these people that visited him hardly cared for his well-being and immediately trashed that idea. Surviving was his priority, but dignity and pride were far greater. If lying and playing coy was the way that he was going to get killed, then so be it. He was no "threat" and he'd die proving that.

        Then one day, a rather tall man with blinding white hair came to visit him. Seeing the rather sly smile and an invitation for a better life, René could not help but feel like trusting this man. He introduced himself as Nier D'Artois, a member of th organization known as NOCTIS, and was inviting him to join the said organization. As the white-haired man led him out of the prison he lived in for months, René could not help but rejoice at the new freedom he felt. He was led to a rather small island where huge buildings where built upon it. This was their headquarters as he was told and if he agreed to join the organization, his new home. Knowing that he owed this man his life, René had no other choice but to depend once more on another human being and maybe continue life once more. With one last look to the vast body of water that stretched beyond the island, René sent one last prayer of thanks and love to his family, who he hoped, were safe from harm.

        Hurting anyone, dead or alive, was the last thing on his list, but for revenge for his now ruined life, his possibly dead brother, and his grieving family, René would gladly do it to every spirit and and all those that oppose the organization.


R e l a t i o n s h i p s

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He's one of the cutest characters in the group~! >3<
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Thank you! There are lots of adorable and precious kids in the group! <333
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You're welcome! >//w//< NOCTIS should organize a contest to pick the cutest of them all~! U//3//U

Also, I just compared our babies height in some "height comparison simulator" thing and René is so short compare to my "giraffe" rofl! He's so prescious~! :heart: Remi's gonna adopt him lol! He's gonna be her little brother.
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OMG yes Rene is a tiny little bby. ..................... we should rp sometimes u v u
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That only throws his cuteness over 9000~ Vegeta (Over 9000) [V2] 
Just say when and where~ UvU I missed you brother!
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* //// * wah, hmm Skype maybe??? I can add you! 
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Yeah, Skype works great! >u< I was trying to see if I could find our old group on Skype to add you from there but I can't seem to be able to track it down. ;v;''
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Ohh whoops! My username is tea.tori! c:
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He's stunningly adorable as always though //gently touches his blushing face
And the new mask is really cute and fitting for him, haha!
Also i really like that warm cream(?) color you used for the highlights, I really do enjoy your coloring a lot!
hope we can RP in the future hehe //holds his sad backstory
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omg, you're too sweet! ; o ;
Thank you!

Do you use Skype??? * 3 *
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SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY //lies in puddle
But yes, I do use Skype! Would you like me to note you my ID?
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Sure sure! c: 
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//sobs on the ground
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Let's just say... Rene's experience with a certain white haired man has been very traumatic hahahaha 
Everybody will still probably bring it up o)--<
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HAHAHAH omg I wonder who that is I am very curious :iconeyebrowheplz:
aaw pfft without a doubt Iron would go like "where's your pantie mask man? they looked better"
BUT AHAHAH FORGET ABOUT THAT, your art is always so gorgeous aahh I love his revamp ; 7 ; beautiful as ever!
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cutiiieeee :iconkissingplz:
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wah thank you!
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OH REVAMP :iconwooowplz: 

He's still a doll!  //shot
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Yass it was long overdue ; u ; 
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sCREAMS ABOUT RENE MY Sweet child omg

:iconpikachuseestooplz: did you sleep between when we last talked and now???
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Lol guess who didn't sleep and draw Leo and Kamui all night? O)---< I'm in so deep.
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omg you nerd

jfc makes me think of kfc now im hungry
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Adorable child ; v;
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