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Illegibilus - Eloi Milon

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Published: August 12, 2014
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For :iconillegibilus::
omg, I hope I get in. sobs
There's only 5 spots for Ravenclaw ;uuuu;

*Crosses all my fingers and toes*

For some reason, the spacing gets all glitched up. ;u; ugh


P r o f i l e

        ◆ Name: Eloi Milon    
        ◆ Age: 11
        ◆ Gender: Male
       ◆ Height: 4'5"
       ◆ Weight: 79.2 lbs.
         ◆ Birthday: April 6th
       ◆ Nationality: French

P e r s o n a l i t y

        ◆Observant ◆Loyal ◆Open-minded ◆Extrovert ◆Witty ◆Dependent ◆Cry baby
◆Creative ◆Spoiled

        Having been raised by two fathers, Eloi is rather awkward around girls. He treats them as he treats everyone, making him look insensitive and    brash to others. However, when he finally realizes his mistakes, Eloi transforms from a blunt person into an apologetic, bawling baby.
        Many hours of studying and researching with his daddy has thought him to be creative and observant when it comes to solving problems. Eloi can also be quirky and odd at times when he tries imitating those he finds interesting. As he grew up in France, Eloi has a hard time trying to make his French accent less subtle. Due to this, Eloi mimics the British accent whenever he converses with other people. His skills of observing other people pays off as he can smoothly switch accents quickly.

        He is loyal to those he considers friends and would never think of hurting them, mentally or physically. He is rather easy to get along with as he babbles almost non-stop to anyone who is available. He smiles easily and is found smiling almost 100% of the time, to the point that everyone thinks he has no problems whatsoever.

        However, be careful! One mention of his mother has him crying non-stop and would usually require a call from his dad to stop his tears. A fact not known by all is how  easy it is to make him cry, be it one insult or a scratch from a cat.

        Eloi is often seen reading a book or talking to his pet bird, Fae. Despite being known for staring out the window, he actually pays attention to class and manages to answer each question with ease. He hates procrastinating and would finish anything he has to do within the day if possible. He may seem like an emotional roller- coaster, but once you have him smiling, he can be the most fun person to be around!

◆ Trivia       

        X Eloi is a great whistler.
        X He sleeptalks.
        X He likes mixing different fruit juices and pretending they're potions.
        X He mutters in French when he gets irritated.        
        X At first, he wanted to be put in Slytherin because the robes would match his eyes.

        ◆ Likes & Dislikes

        +Hot Chocolate
        +His Parents

        -Cats (They always try to eat Fae! :c)
        -The Dark

B a c k g r o u n d

        Eloi has been raised by two fathers when his mom died due to illness. The moment his father answered a phone call from his sobbing son, their lives stooped to its lowest. This period has been the hardest in their lives and his father fought to keep his son happy. When things couldn't seem to get better, his mother's brother, Remy Belair stepped into their house and announced that they all had one-way tickets to a ship ride to England and that they pack all of their things. Little by little their lives seemed to get better with Remy in their comfortable and cozy apartment in London. His mother's family had all been purebloods and his uncle would entertain Eloi in the mornings with simple spells, lifting tea cups or their pet cat with his dad watching fondly from the side. Afternoons would be spent with him playing with his daddy's wand and accidentaly burning and wrecking things. He would spend the evening in between both of his fathers while watching a classic Disney movie.

        Life could not get any better, Eloi thought. They were not rich, as they could not afford a car, and would often use the public buses and trains to get to other places. Nor did they eat expensive food or buy countless clothes. It was because of this that Eloi learned to treasure the smaller things. He liked listening to the birds chirping outside in the morning and the gentle hum the rain would give while falling over London. Even with all of the little blessings he had, Eloi could not help but wish for more excitement in his cozy life.

        His wish came true, after a few weeks after his 11th birthday, a simple letter from Hogwarts changed their simple life. Both of his parents were ecstatic and as a congratulations gift, his Uncle Remy handed him down his wand that Eloi could surprisingly use. His Uncle was a proud man, and he could not help but vow to help Eloi control and enhance his magic. Excited at the prospect of learning more to what used to be his little hobby, Eloi literally jumped into Remy's arms with a wide grin.  His dad would be off to work in the morning, and coming home to a trashed and slightly burning apartment became a normal sight after the first weeks of Eloi's lessons. After an hour of scolding and cleaning, they would all settle down in front of the fireplace with some marshmallows and hot chocolate.

        After a few weeks of training and bonding, Eloi got unto his first magical train ride. Goodbyes were the hardest and his parents  couldn't help but cry too once tears start forming in Eloi's eyes. One fact remained unclear in his life and he could not help but ruin the moment by asking a rather sensitive topic. He saw for the first time in his life, ever since his mother passed away, his dad blushing deeply with embarrassment coloring his face while his uncle looked shy and unsure. After getting the expected answer, he could not help but feel relief and love.

        After a few more tears and hugs, he finally withdrew from his parent's embrace and hopped unto the train that would take him to mysterious and enchanting school of Hogwarts.

        (34) Morgan Milon / Muggle /Father
         (36) Remy Belair / Pureblood /Daddy!
         (29) Robin Belair / Pureblood / Mother / X

◆ Pet:

         Blue Jay - Cyanocitta Cristata
         Name: Fae
         Gender: Female

        ◆Caring ◆Active ◆Sociable ◆Intelligent             

         Fae is a very loving bird and is almost always with Eloi. She trusts people easily as long as they don't bother Eloi. She likes having morning flights outside Eloi's room to stretch her stiff wings and always comes back just in time to wake Eloi for school. When she gets bored, she just hops off Eloi's shoulder and flies out without any warning as she knows Eloi can find her with ease by whistling.

 S c h o o l

      ◆ House: Ravenclaw
      ◆ Year: 1st Year

       ◆ Spells:
         Wingardium Leviosa
         A Basic charm that is mainly used for instruction purposes that causes an object to levitate at the caster's discretion.
      ◆Elective Classes:
        Care of Magical Creatures
      ◆ Extra Curricular:
        Muggle Music

      ◆Wand Ingredients
        Core: Unicorn
        Length: 12"
        Wood: Maple
        Flexibility: Swishy
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Another first year Ravenclaw?! I hope we both get in! :)
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RAVENCLAW :iconzoominplz:
omg good luck on getting in!!
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!!! such a precious kiddo :iconlazeblushplz:

good luck on getting in, lovely ! :icondokiplz:
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I'm sure you'll make it in! *v* everything about this is perfect ///<3<3<3
Can't wait to RP with your cutie first year babu!!
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AHAHA YESSSS. I suddenly saw that enrollments were open. GOSH, I AM JUST SO ANXIOUS.

hnnn I really hope I can RP with Gina too! ;uuuuuuuuuuu;
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I await the day Gina-senpai teaches little Eloi all about school life! //v// <3 and Haneul and Fae can play together as well ////v////
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:iconloveloveplz: It's a raven~~

A very charming raven!

uwaa- /holds this little crybaby-

Shh-- issok. We wont mention the 'M' word. :iconsweethugplz:


Aiyoo good luck on getting in!
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Yeshhhhhh. Ravens are just awesome! <33333
Thank you so much! ;u;
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Hnn thank you so much! ;u;
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