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Opening commissions again cause I wanna splurge on art materials. I know it might be a little confusing, so here's more information about my things!

Simple Char - No BG = $15 
These are only busts. This style is what I usually use for my RP things ~ No BGs on this one. It's either white or a color that matches your character.

Detailed Char - Simple BG = $25 - $30
I know this is kinda confusing? But this one has more inking/details in it compared to the simple one. Background is really simple; think of flowers and foliage. The coloring is up to you. Do you want it to have a certain color scheme? Or do you want everything to be precise (is that how you call it???)? $25 is for busts and $30 is for full body.

Detailed Works = $50 - $60
Everything's detailed! Anything's possible in here, except additional characters.

Additional Characters = $15



I'll only be opening 3 slots for now. If you have some questions feel free to note me. And if you'd like to commission me, you can also note me ~ Just put your character details, what you want to see, color schemes (optional) and other things ~ 
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laticatProfessional Digital Artist

Character: [R-N] Alex Kyle
Details: uhh he should be either resting angry face or even be looking like-- idk, kind of like he looks up and sees rene (like rene would be the viewer idk-- that kind of perspective i guess???) and kinda cheers up a bit, like uhh-- not quite smiling but not angry either? IDK IF THAT MAKES SENSE SORRY LMAO
What I want to see: idk I like flowers?? and alex likes being outside so uh maybe the bg could be the noctis gardens idk haha.
Colours: UUUM well I like pastels and warm colours, but you seem to be using those a lot : o pale reds/warm pinks and oranges/browns go well together i think!!! but yeah go with whatever your instinct tells you o v o b
Price: I think I'm gonna go with the $25 bust if thats ok!

ps if i become un-poor anytime soon i might commish another character of mine bc he would be perf in your style yes
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tanawStudent Traditional Artist
Ahh omg Lati! * //// * 

I'm so excited to work on him! 

I usually start working on a person's commish once I receive the payment, so I hope that's okay with you! c: I'll note you my Paypal Add ~

I kinda feel bad omg you were supposed to get a ps4 ; o ;
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onisuuHobbyist Digital Artist
Your art style is so beautiful!♥♥ 
I just emptied out my paypal to my bank account dhagd but maybe after I do some comms I can buy from ya! *7*// ♡♡♡
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tanawStudent Traditional Artist
Thank you! c:
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PlatinaSiHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm at the airport rn with limited wifi so could i get back to you when i get to my aunt's house? ;v; )/
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tanawStudent Traditional Artist
PLATI!!! Omg I saw your journal about Chicago! Have a safe flight! Sure, sure, feel free to note me anytime! c:
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PlatinaSiHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh do you mind if i postpone my note a bit later? ;v; i'm heading off to DC tomorrow morning for a week and i have no idea whether i'll have wifi there haha// sorry for the inconvenience!! :icondeadbodyplz:
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tanawStudent Traditional Artist
It's cool! I just saw your journal! I hope you have lots of fun!!! <333 
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