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Deviation Actions

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I am not tolerating any hate towards me or the person(s) listed underneath. This list is just showing designs which are not part of Jello Island cats and are not official, nor accepted. Do not bitch about this to me or other people, because then, a blocking follows for you and the group. Besides, guys: WE OFFER A FREE CAT to everyone for some pieces of art.

For certain things, you receive 1x Strike. 3x Strikes gets you on the Black list.

  1. Strikes are received if you win an auction and suddenly do not pay.

  2. Ordering smth and then quitting may lead to one if this is done several times.

IF we can settle a misunderstanding, we gladly forgive and give you a second chance. TALK is better than just blocking and behaving childish. Avoid drama, drama gets you nowhere.


  • mello-pixie (1st strike) Winning an auction, no answer.

  • sophgrace25 (1st strike) Ghosting one of our guest artists once confronted by said GA with a payment email. (deleting their comment and ignoring the user)


  • @Dr-CandyPop , @Kclar, @ob1dorbiez, @offbranmuffins, @Lizarddatasystem, @Panquecadoptables, @GiveintotheImpluse - Off branding and accusations. Ally their accounts

  • Qirtev444 Insulting / Racist without reason / spam

  • / Cattos-Adopts / Dawnflower2 / Riverdream / CalamityDoesArt / WolfXCreations1 / WolfWatcher / Koalabear / FireClawAnimates / Sunnysstorage / BlizzardFlame / Sunnydrawsart (Active account) // Other accounts: Cat#7610 || SunnyDraws #8806 - Blacklisted for; repeated scams, art/character theft, ban/block/blacklist evasion, Blacklisted on

  • - Megu🫢🫱 on TikTok for stealing characters from users. [Screenshot Proof]

  • Orca-Bite [DA] / OrcaBite#6971 [DIS] - Transphobic / Seeks out lgbtq+ members to attack/saying horrible things to users / banned from many other species including the likes of impims for the same reason, cussing out and attacking mods who were trying to keep the users ban quiet, claiming a cat that was removed from them that was a free community gift and claiming it as theirs still even though it is allowed to be removed by TOS if the mods and owner see fit. [Screenshot Proof]

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