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Jellocats Closed Species

By TaNa-Jo

Jellocats - a closed species

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Jellogut-Cats Jellocat Species by TaNa-Jo

[i]: potted sprout pixel by plushpon You may find more and updated info here > Jellocat Species Information and FAQ + Traits

- Jellocats? -
Yes. Jellocats are little cats made out of pure jello. They can perfectly sit in both of your hands or grow even bigger than you are.

- What are they exactly made of? -
There is always a taste to its jello. you see this little ball up there? That is the jelloegg the cat hatched out of. here, the egg shows strawberries. might be the jello taste or a magical treat/ability. It can be everything!

- The body -
Jellocats don’t have eyes, because they simply don’t need them. Whiskers and ears help them to navigate - even to find jello! Their body is always made of jello. Jellocats are either walking on 2 feet or all 4. It is a single trait which can be only inherited when both parents have it.

- Breeding and genders -
So far, only agender jellocats have been found. if two jellocats love each other enough, they build a jelloegg. The parents collect jello and build it together. Once the egg is built (the ball above), their love and magic ability creates any taste into the egg. They can only have one egg at once because it is so much work. The egg can turn into a Jellocat at any time once it is finished.

Parents collect jello and build an egg together. Then they rub their cheeks against each other and through the friction, a magical bolt hits the egg and the cat is ready to hatch. Either the parents have a certain flavour in mind and put it into it with the same thought when rubbing their cheeks or it is pure coincidence. 

Rarities may be inherited.

- Behaviour, food and general info -
Jellocats are friendly creatures but every jellocat has its own character. They all are individual. They do not like to live alone and once a human finds them, they will be attached to their human forever. Jellocats always search for jello so their body keeps its form and energy. Other than that, they drink sugar water / pure water to keep their consistency. 

Sadly, some jellocats have bite marks, because sometimes they get eaten. They just are way too tasty. Jello and water rebuild them - luckily.

What is Jello Island ? 
All Jellocats live on Jello Island until they get adopted/found by a human. Humans travel to Jello Island without knowing Jellocats live on it. Some humans may know about it because they found a jelloegg but usually, they find one with pure luck. Some even see a Jellocat walking around but Jellocats are shy when they meet a human for the first time and so, mostly eggs are found. Jello Island is a weird island where jello can be found and somehow the Jellocats evolved. It is said that there once was a cat so in love with jello it simply turned into one! There are different 'lands'. A Jellocat can live everywhere and some prefer only one area rather than wandering around. Sugar water can be found on Jello Islands only - all other lakes are just made of water. 

Jello Island - Jellocats Species by TaNa-Jo 

Please take care to read my Adoptable Terms !
By adopting any adopt you agree on my terms.

Jellocats is a closed species, meaning you are not allowed to make your own without approval.
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ShortyMuffinJess's avatar
what does a closed species mean?
ShortyMuffinJess's avatar
omg sorry I found where you explain it
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so cute! Am i aloud to make one of my own? I will definitely credit you and add it to the group.
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no it is a closed species ^^' sorry
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thats why you can collect jello and make a free one in the end. check out the journal . for it on the group page :D I always give people a chance to do it. I think at least this should be an option for people. Still closed but to own one there is no need to pay money if someone doesnt have it
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oh okay! Thanks! I think the characters are really cute!
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I must say you were brilliant at explaining. good word choice, and art. 
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Oh wow thank you :D Tried my best to write proper and understandable English :'D
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for real tho if you open up MYO slots please give me a ping!!
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aw I am glad you like them :D

Jellocat MYO Tickets by TaNa-Jo
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I hope you make a place to buy myo slots because these are really adorable and I love them!
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Ohh I am happy you like them :D jellloooo

Jellocat MYO Tickets by TaNa-Jo
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These are absolutely amazing :0 i love them so much!
Are you planning to make a MYO event some time in the future??
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Join the group :P
You can always buy MYO Slots
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Ooh alright thank you!! <3
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You mean as being able to purchase a MYO ticket with money or winning one in any kind of way? :D
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awww they look adorable 
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Thank youu - if you have any questions I could add - feel free to post a comment on the journal skin ^°^
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They look adorable.
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Thank you :la: - if you have any questions I could add - feel free to post a comment on the journal skin ^°^
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