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Hungree OPEN Species Sheet

By TaNa-Jo
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- What are Hungree? -
Hungree are little chubby dinos filled with their favorite thing - „ingredient“ to eat! They eat non-stop which makes them so chubby. they are born „empty“ and once hatched, searching for their ingredient. They hatch out of colorful eggs. Ears, belly and the tail have the same substance.

- Ingredient? -
The ingredient is the food a Hungree chose to live off from. They decide only once for it and stick to it until they die. For example, a Hungree can choose cake in general or only chocolate cake - it is up to them.

- Anatomy -
The anatomy is very basic. Hungree usually are chubby and small. Their head has a strong jaw to crack open food or items of any kind. Hungree can eat everything and usually transform their body regarding to their chosen ingredient over time if they want. They have paws without claws and a furry head.

- Breeding -
There are males and females. The females lay only one egg at once. 
Hungree usually breed only within their species but if they like someone hard enough it is possible to breed outside from theirs. They can have several partners and to show their affection both genders offer each other their "ingredient" to eat which means a lot to them.

- Age -
Hungree can age up to 70 years and are fully grown at 10 years of age.

- Size -
Hungree are usually not taller than up to a human's knee. (Without tail)

- Rarities -
So far, there are 4 types of rarities:
Bullet; Green Common | Bullet; Blue Uncommon | Bullet; Purple Rare | Bullet; Pink Mystic

- Eyes -
Hungree have night vision to see and find food.

- Ears -
Ears are not needed, because Hungree communicate via body language (tails/pose) but most still have them.

- Horns -
Horns are for daily usage to destroy things and being able to defend food from others.

- Tails -
Tails are mainly used for body language and the fillings reside in them.

- Fillings -
As mentioned, some are born without a filling and some with one.

- Body Texture -
Hungree come in so many shapes and live in different environments so their texture varies.

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Do you need to do anything to get rarer traits?

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These creatures are so stinking CUTE
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