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CLOSED Dragonfruit Jellocat Auction

By TaNa-Jo

Dragonfruit Jellocat - [Closed Species]

[i]: potted sprout pixel by plushpon Jellocat Species Information and FAQ 
[i]: potted sprout pixel by plushpon Jellocat MYO Slots - Prices 
[i]: potted sprout pixel by plushpon Jellocat submitting sheet
[i]: potted sprout pixel by plushpon DISCORD:


Name: ???
Type: Adopt
Theme: Dragonfruit
Gender: ???
Taste: Dragonfruit
Owner: Niyxxx
Character: ???
Special Ability: ???

The owner can add way more info. You may upload this drawing once claimed. Please follow the Submitting sheet when doing so!

Bullet; Green Common | Bullet; Blue Uncommon | Bullet; Purple Rare | Bullet; Pink Legendary

Rarity: Bullet; Blue Uncommon

Colours: Bullet; Green Stripes, Bullet; Green Gradient
Texture: Bullet; Green Dripping, Bullet; Green Matte
Body: Bullet; Green Plain Neck, Bullet; Green Short Neck
Whiskers: Bullet; Green 3x Whiskers, Bullet; Blue Weird Shape
Ears: Bullet; Green Bat Ears
Teeth: Bullet; Green Rounded
Tongue: Bullet; Green Long, Bullet; Blue Gradient
Horns: -
Tail: Bullet; Green Long Tail, Bullet; Green Pointed Tail
Wings: -
Size: Bullet; Green 50cm / Knee | size 2
Guts/Intestines: -
Extra: Collar


Starting Bid: 20€ | 2,000 Points
Mindest Increase: 4€ | 400 Points
Auto Buy: 60€ / 6,000 Points 

>> Once bid, the auction lasts 4 days.


- Comment to claim!
- Payment is due within 48 hours of claiming an adopt. If there is a problem like you getting your check later - note me.
- Payments may only be made in EURO € via Paypal or in points via my Commission Widget unless explicitly told otherwise.
- After payment is received, you'll be noted the full-resolution file.
- You may rename it after adoption.
- No selling to empty/shell accounts.
- After purchase, refunds must be a mutual decision.
- Please bid under the previous bidder!

Please take care to read my Adoptable Terms!
By adopting any adopt you agree on my terms.

Jellocat is a closed species, meaning you are not allowed to make your own without approval.
© Species TaNa-Jo | Art TaNa-Jo

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I bet it tastes awesome! (the poor Jellocat) Too bad for them they are eatable :V

Roxxanimates68plus1's avatar

Huh? *Mouth full of jellocat*

TaNa-Jo's avatar

xD Don't worry they can re-generate in the lakes on their island hehe

Roxxanimates68plus1's avatar

~Every jellocat now has bite-marks in them~

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Hope they did not defend themself way too much <3

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Starting Bid: 20€ | 2,000 pt

Mindest Increase: 4€ | 400 pt

Auto Buy: 60€ / 6,000 pt

>> Once bid, the auction lasts 4 days.

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you have won!

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