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Christmas Dress Ornaments by Tamuril2 Christmas Dress Ornaments :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 0 2 Baby Ornament by Tamuril2 Baby Ornament :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 0 1 Proud Sister by Tamuril2 Proud Sister :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 0 4 Illya vs Napoleon by Tamuril2 Illya vs Napoleon :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 6 8 Mum's Barn Mural by Tamuril2 Mum's Barn Mural :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 0 7 Turtle-y Late Father's Day Card by Tamuril2 Turtle-y Late Father's Day Card :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 0 2 Wedding Bliss by Tamuril2 Wedding Bliss :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 3 2 Farmyard Morning by Tamuril2 Farmyard Morning :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 2 6
O'er The Strange Woods
This is a world where the vilest creatures come to roost. Even the Klingons, brave as they are, don’t utter its name – for to say it is to give it power over you. This is a world where the snow falls black, where the ashen ground comes to life at your feet, where the trees are built from the bones of the dead. It’s the depths of misery, of horror, and Garak relishes in the perversion.
Decay hangs heavy on the air. Each breath tastes of rot and ash, yet somehow also of sunlight and fresh grass. Garak’s lips twitch up at the paradox. How fitting that a planet such as this would never conform to standard expectations.
He rolls his shoulders to loosen the tense muscles of his back.
Before him, the grey waters ripple and gargle as its mistress emerges.
Adorned in crimson silk, her sleeveless gown reaches to her bare ankles. It accentuates every flawless curve as she glides forward. As she nears, the water rises so she may sit on its rolling waves. Again, the paradox
:icontamuril2:Tamuril2 1 2
Panther Goddess by Tamuril2 Panther Goddess :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 2 7 Star Trek Red Shirt - Part 1 by Tamuril2 Star Trek Red Shirt - Part 1 :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 3 4
Gokusen - To Forgive Is Divine
The crickets are chirping tonight, singing in harmony with the gentle tapping of the bamboo pipe as it empties itself of water. A constant rinse, repeat. A soft breeze shifts through the trees; whispers of the ancestors, his father used to say. Ryuichiro takes a deep breath in and lets the simple ballad of life wash over him. He’s not so old as to be world-worn yet, but he’s also not young enough to let this chance of peace slip by him.
Of course, it’s now that the Fates decide is the perfect time to swoop in on their wings of chaos and disturb his well-earned rest.
Tetsu tiptoes in across the tatami mats and kneels by his side. “Kuroda-sama.”
Nothing short of a danger to the family would bring such a blatant look of fear to Tetsu’s eyes. However, the adopted clan member is still new, making mountains out of nothing. He needs practice in discerning what things truly merit the clan leader’s attention. Lots of practice.
Ryuichiro sighs.
:icontamuril2:Tamuril2 1 0
Bottle Dreams and Wolf by Tamuril2 Bottle Dreams and Wolf :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 3 9 Errol 2018 by Tamuril2 Errol 2018 :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 2 2 City Lights by Tamuril2 City Lights :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 0 4 Moonlight Cherry Blossoms by Tamuril2 Moonlight Cherry Blossoms :icontamuril2:Tamuril2 3 8


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So, I'm just going to preference this critique. I'm not a professional, therefore, please, take anything I say with a grain or two of s...

So, you asked for a critique and I thought I might take a stab at it. Now, mind you I'm no professional cook, so anything I say in the ...

On the whole, I love this picture. Your daughter is darling and you captured her smile perfectly. It engages you and makes you want to ...

This is my first time officially critiquing. *crosses fingers* Here we go! In general, I love it to pieces (so going in my favorites). ...



Baby Ornament
Just a little gift I embroidered for my sister-in-law. She's having her first child. It's a girl!
Proud Sister
A graduation card I made for my youngest brother. He's going to graduate the Fire Fighter Academy this week. So proud of him!
Illya vs Napoleon
A scene from Paul Auchon's fanfiction story, Unhappy Customer.
Illya is in brown, on the left, Solo in blue, on the right. They don't quite look like them - sorry - but I tried my best.

Link to story:…
So, I'm just going to preference this critique. I'm not a professional, therefore, please, take anything I say with a grain or two of salt. if you don't agree, just toss it into the virtual trash bin. I will not be offended. This is just one artist trying to help another.


1) I feel the decaying creature needs to be more in-focus. I had no idea what it was until I saw the title- personally, I thought it was just some grey fuzz on the ocean floor. Even if this is a background, I think you still need to make the creature a bit more detailed. Otherwise, it's just not that interesting to me.

2) I also feel like you might want to add one or two smaller items in. Some rocks, coral, or even some bubbles.


1) I love the way you did the seaweed. Now this is a time where the blurriness actually works in your favor. It makes them look more realistic. Great job! :D

2) The colors you chose were spot on! Kudos to you.

All in all, I like this background. Do I feel it needs a bit of work? Yes, but not too much. You did a good job on this. Thanks for sharing it with us on DA. :hug:
So, I've not done a Journal on here ever. I've thought about doing so, over the years, but never had anything I really wanted to showcase. That has now changed (hence the first ever Journel entry of mine).

I was sent this video tour, and really wanted to share it with others. I'm Traditional Roman Catholic, so this Seminary is something very close to my heart. I've seen it from when it was nothing, but tents and dirt, to now what you see on the video.

If anyone has any legitimate questions, I will answer them to the best of my knowledge. If you just send flames, I shall ignore like I do any other flame review/comment/message. 

Personally, I think they did a good job with this video. 

Bonus, I grew up with Reverend Fabula as a family friend. Known him since I eight? 

Anyhow, below is the link. Hope you all enjoy.


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I'm 28 and love to draw (mostly anime, though I hope to one day become good at realistic/traditional artwork) and write (mostly fantasy). I'm still at the beginner's level. I've joined DevianART in the hopes that the members on here could help me improve my skills. If anyone has any constructive criticism or advice on my drawing or writing, please tell me. I appreciate any help I can get.


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