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this is the tattoo I'm gonna get tomorrow woot!

original design ^^
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744x296px 88.67 KB
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10/4000 second
Focal Length
18 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 9, 2004, 3:55:25 PM
© 2006 - 2021 Tamura
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Hello my name is Alex and I am the owner of a very prominent tattoo chain
in the South Florida area called Salvation Tattoo Lounge.

My team and I discovered your artwork on here and thought that you were
very talented. I'm not sure if you're interested in tattooing but our
company is the main sponsor for a tattoo school called The Master Tattoo
Institute. We sponsor scholarships that cover a large part of your tuition
that helps students pay for school to become professional tattoo artists.
Furthermore we hire the top student graduates from the school into our
shops. Below I listed some of the details for you to look over.

- 4-6 week courses
- Housing is available for out of town students
- Tattoo Artists earn an average of $150 per hour
- No obligation to stay and work for the company once the training is

If this sounds interesting to you and would like to have a discussion
please let me know and we can set up a time to talk. If nothing else I
thank you for your time and wish you a wonderful career.

Alex Zarfati
Salvation Tattoo Lounge
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OOOOH my how amazing :)
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WOW!! I love this flower!!
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if u get dis tat u iz a bell end[link]
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sorry the lads in work keep messing with my deviant art and facebook sorry
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where part of your body you put this tattoo on?
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sorry not trying to start anything..i was under the impression this was a original design when i got it
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well, you've been tricked badly, do you know the name of the tattoo "artist"?
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Now the question is: Where did you get the design from? for I can bet a leg that this is tamura's original design. Funny how small the world can be.
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i actually paid a tattoo artist to design it for me she told me it was a one of a kind and i payed big bucks for it ..i am now seeking a refund..or a comp to go to the orignal artist
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so what's new on this tat story?
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Good thinking! I cant talk for tamura but I guess she would be glad if she was given some credit for this. Sadly it's her word against the tat artist, and probably the lineart she did back in 2006 is lost in oblivion by now, I was her roomie at the time and drove her to her session the day she got it done, as I said internet can be a damn big and small place at the same time. I would like to hear how this goes. Sorry you got scammed and good luck :(
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actually i have had this tattoo since 06 i believe i just posted it when i saw your drawning
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ouuuuu yeeeeah
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its not a orig i have this tattoo on my back. was my design where did you get this from???
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no.... I DREW IT, thats more like it, without the question mark.
I've seen your deviation, and im sorry, but this drawing was posted here and put on my butt since 2006, your tattoo is one day old
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hahaha, noticed the upload date already? I was there when she drew this, and actually collaborated with a few ideas, the tattoo artist is not doing a bad job on yours tho' : )
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uhhh... i drew it?
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as soon as i saw this i was like 'WOW'
i absolutely love it!
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hooo? thank you!
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