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Deoxys is my favorite pokemon, so i really appreciate all your deoxys drawings. please join Infinarchverseheroes if you want to. That is the name of my group, and youll see what we do when you get there.

Cool! I like how you have each form like a astronaut behind a glass protector. Sort of reminds me of Samus from the Metroid games.
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I always like space-themed character designs, so these are definitely one of the coolest designs.  
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Well this explains your brief absence. Nice work! I'm always looking forward to what you're doing next!
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She looks so cool.
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can't wait for gen 4
PhantasySpyClan77110's avatar
I think this is supposed to be a trainer and pokemon fusion 
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*gasp* My favourite Pokemon!
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Gorgeous designs.
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Nice! (applause) :)

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And thus the alien DNA monster complete's Hoenn...and the next stop is the North of Japan (er, Sinnoh)
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These are all really awesome.
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This are amazing :) I love how they half look like could be scifi space suits
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All of them are so badass
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