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Uproot: Noor sketches



Took a break from linework to color in these old-ish sketches of Noor, the main character from one of my many projects. This one's called Uproot.

Uproot is about what happens when a girl raised to be a princess is suddenly and unceremoniously lifted out of her position and life, and what she does thereafter. The story is actually mostly written, plotline-wise, but I have a LOT of research to do. It's set in a world inspired by India but not set there (i.e. how LOTR is European-inspired but not set in actual Europe), so there will certainly be artistic liberties taken. But I need to tell the story in a way that portrays Indian culture with respect, so many, many library books are being checked out.

These are sort of old sketches so I've got a more consistent hold on how to draw Noor, but I wanted to test out some clothing colors too. The big one on the left is closest to her final look. I can't wait to start writing her :)

Art © Gina M.
Uproot and all related imagery and materials © Gina M. 2012.
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She's gorgeous, looks like she's got some real attitude.