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The Burning Rage

For the Wowhead Legion Art Contest.
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Really like it!

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Incredible work! Great talent, well done!
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I remember taking part in the same art contest when I was going to college, looking back on it there was no way I was going to win. I'm glad you won it, you earned it! Fantastic Work!
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It's amazing art, but I've always wondered... why are they fighting each other? Illidari put the faction war behind them, usually.
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~ It's very cool! 

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If only the female demon hunter coul look like that ..

i would like to have a permanent half demonic form, like hoof at the place of feet.

And this armor, damned it's epic, Good job.
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I like her hoof-boots. Those are some good hoof-boots right there.
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Absolutely amazing! I feel the Rage from the image. Big WoW fan and I love this piece
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ДУшевненько! Порадовала композиция, цвета, динамика, оружие 5++
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Spectacular designs. :jawdrop:
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My jaw literally dropped. This is art! Amazing work.
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The burning Rage called "PvP" will make the Illidari fight each other ... ... ... =P :XD:
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You are one of the most inspiring artists, just to make sure you know it.
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The fury, the power, the darkness....

Just perfect!
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This is massive! It's incredible how you create detail and achieve realism with effortless brush strokes! What a god!
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moi jparle francais
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