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The Burning Crusade. Classic


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It was a great honor for me to draw Key art for the WoW Classic BC. Many thanks to Blizzard for this opportunity!
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WOW , that's beautiful .

Really captures Illidan's vibe

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Too awesome. Congratulations

Nice artwork!:D

Traaash stop making art retard go kys

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...the hair, the horns, wings and overall composition -- nicely done.

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Yes, my favorite character back on the days where game graphics still doesnt matter, Terrorblade

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I would favorite this but it's at 666 and that just fits so perfectly
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Incredible sense of colors. Congratulations

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That's really impressive!

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WE ARE PREPARED! YAY! Stunning work dude! Blizz can be happy to have you with them!

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the memory come back. i cant wait to play this again! :D

Awesome work!

Can i ask wich Drawing Software did you use for that?

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