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Tauren Warrior

WoW Character Fan-art (Быков)
Video on YouTube: [link]
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I don't like Taurens, but this. Oh my gosh, this. It's stunning. Good job!!
Иной раз и не поверишь, что Человек может ТАК рисовать... К счастью видео говорят об обратном)
ThunderWarriors97's avatar
This is simply astounding! The colors on the painting are flawless, and I really enjoy the expressions on their faces. It signals that they are about to enter battle against their enemies. Great work here!
lonedragon155's avatar
I think you actually did pretty well with this painting. Rain can be so easy to mess up sometimes, and you've done it rather well. Also, I like the storm effects in the speedpaint video
Johayna474's avatar
He looks badass. awesome work.
Absolutely amazing!!  I saw this at Youtube and it became my aspiration to grow to a new level:)  I consider you as my mentor of digital art painting.  Respect, sir.
patrick19942's avatar
my new background
LewisMichael's avatar
The rain is the best. Like his shield as well. Does it come with a little lantern?
patrick19942's avatar
its the little red part thats a lantarn
Kalvedia's avatar
May I ask, what set of brushes do you use?
You should have painted him angrily blewing air out of his nose :D. Awesome.
Anthuriumheart's avatar
This is phenomenal! My mouth literally dropped when I stumbled upon this work. The lighting, the shading, the coloring.. THE DETAIL! Everything is perfect! I was stunned. Really amazing job, friend! Keep up the good work and never stop! I really hope to be as good as you one day. 

*thumbs up*
Hazelgee's avatar
The lighting and atmosphere in this is absolutely killer, very inspiring. Gorgeous work!
FuriousClown's avatar
Me Clownie likes it :)
RealTimeBrush's avatar
Excellent piece of work, wonderful authentic and gritty feel to it.
KalleAnXP's avatar
Do want in my wroom at the wall :D
Piepoops369's avatar
Next you should make a female tauren warrior! <3 I would love that since I am one in Warcraft xD!<3
gabrielsslf's avatar
You are fucking amazing!!!
DragonHeet's avatar
Amazing! Love it
tcpqz's avatar
broo how progam u use ?
EliJoves95's avatar
I saw your youtube vid on this, Frickin' Amazing!
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