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Beautiful! I love it<3

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Masterpiece of Art !!!

Just grandiose !!!

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Absolutely beautiful, can't say enough about how good this is awesome work love it love it love it
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Nothing I can say.....
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Fantastic! A worthy entry!
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absolutely love this artwork
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so many awesome details
i can't even begin to imagine how you put something like this together
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Awesome art work, congratulations!
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Are you aware that these are being made?
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Evil has been rebuked! :)
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This is crazy amazing. I think if you had changed the size to make room for the sky it would have been even more epic and you would have won. 
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It shows how much effort you threw into this. Every single detail is flawless, the skull, the demon. Everything you look amazes!
This should've definitely been a top 10.
favorited :+fav:
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One of my favourite classes^^ I'm sorry for you didn't win the contest it's  a shame.

altho the winner of the contest did a better job with the composition focal point and overal feel of the immage.

the camera are from  underneath the barbarian on the winners piece and it 's drawn close to perfectly in that perspective. here the camera is straight on and makes this piece loose some of it's potential. a camre from below would make the crusader appear more powerful. I feel this piece should have been darker both in the lights and the darks,

also the winners piece reflects Diablos downfall and the barbarians victory but also how little this victory really mattered for the world of mortals since almost no one are there to vitness the change and almost all life on the planet is already wiped out. in my eye the winner of the contest would have won a contest hosted by me as well but you would get about second place.

the contrasts are a little bit too much and it feels when I blur my eyes this piece has too much lights and to few darks, and the 

the details on this piece are far superior but details aren't everything. it's also more stiff looking. and a dim overall feel is what better represents the darkness that is Diablo III
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