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...imagine having access to this guy if you ever needed someone to stand for you in a trial by combat.

I love this one, great work,
This is excellent, reminds me of 1980's illustrator 'Boris Vallejo!' only your body language is more realistic.Uh..? 
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Excellent work.. marvellously one
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fantastic creation!!!
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Awesome! Do you mind if I use this for Roleplaying on WoW? I'll credit you!
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I have included this amazing artwork in the new feature for February 2017 on the front of the :icondigitaldelights: journal. Please :+fav: the journal so that more members may see your art, and thank you for being a member.:heart:
For a long time I was looking for a reference picture for my Blood Elf Warrior on Moon Guard, Jerasen Dawnblade. I had no idea who's art this was until today, and I absolutely love it. Now that I know who did this artwork, I thank you. Absolutely a masterpiece.
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muito very good.
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ur understanding of male anatomy is outstanding imo
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Great job! such a detailed work
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Wow! In my mind he looks-like a demi-elf! And this is some abs^^!
I love this! I feel like we so rarely see muscle-bound Elves so I would love to see more.
For me, what makes things great is use of color. Having everything in smoky bronzes, browns, golds, and reds. And how delicate and fragile the girl is, compared to the overwhelming masculinity and muscular mass of her protector. I love those ornate hanging lanterns, too.
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Awesome picture that plays with two extreme's between the musclebound guardian and the frail looking female. And this is from someone who prefers the frailer look on belf males. My only nitpick is about their eyes, where is the fell green glow, or if before the loss of Sunwell the blue arcane one?
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All bloodelf males need bodies like him.
I know this kind of art doesn't aim at anatomical acuracy, but his nipples are missplaced. Besides that everything is fine, and the use of light and shadows is outstanding
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