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Megatron: THIS IS MY PLANET!!!

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Like an eagle in the sky.

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Over a burning city...
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Can you draw a picture like this for Megatron in the first movie?
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This work is amazing, creative and original. I should note that the domain of the strokes, the color combination, the effects of shadow and perspective are excellent. :salute:

It is a good image of the leader of the Decepticons. :)
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Hi, just awesome, I'd like to draw and paint like you someday, may u tell me any kind of advice? thanks a lot :dance:
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I'm speechless!o_O
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This is so awesome,
DO you take Art Trades?
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I don't care too much for the movie Megatron, but this piece of art was so awesome I just had to favorite it! All hail Megatron!
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this is really amazing! I love colors and details too! I found the video first (let's see some speedpaint tutorial stuffs...) and I'm shocked :D great work! :)
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Обалденная же работа!
Ура Мегатрону!
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My friend showed me this cause she's in love with you WoW stuff. I love this!
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this is so awsome
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Absolutely beautiful! The care taken in the details and textures is breath taking. He looks so powerful and imposing; Truly the Lord & Leader of the Decepticons in all his glory!

Out of the gratuitous amount of Transformers fanart I've seen, this piece will always remain one of my favorites.
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this is so awsome
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WOW. That's all I can say.
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From all the different versions of megatron the one from revenge of the fallen is my most favorite and this one make him look like a dictator combined a bada** I give it 5 stars for it.


P.S. I like ice cream
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watching this and thinking Crysis, looking closer thinking: no, this is way more awesome!!!
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is really a beautiful work! i love it very much, my compliments :)
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