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January 21, 2015
Maiev ShadowSong by TamplierPainter is such an amazing concept for one amazing game. Full-view this extravagant portrait and more in TamplierPainter's gallery!!
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Suggested by Arichy
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Maiev ShadowSong

WoW Fan Art
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Pariahnecron's avatar
Maiev: You can not stop me!
*summons a raod or dungeon group*
Maiev:.... You can stop me.
Pariahnecron's avatar
S..t, wrong again.
ahrimagnus's avatar
You can see the madness in her eyes, i like that.
DerekDincer's avatar
And I thought I had a keen eye... The piece is really amazing no doubt, but couldn't see the mad look in her eyes :/
vesoliyrodger183's avatar
My favorite female character of warcraft
predattak's avatar
Same here, let's just hope that she doesn't die in the upcoming mediocre expansion of the story(why make warcraft 4 when you can make over 9000 shitty wow expansions where you can tell the storyline only half as good because of the mmo mechanics) ... legion.
Thaeavoira's avatar
Well, you were wrong. Legion was fucking amazing.
Well, in my opinion, you are wrong. Legion wasn't remotely amazing.
TrapicheSapphire's avatar
WOW is better then the wc3 stories, MECHANICWISE, we need that lore and epic feeling in the game
Don't agree, the story is a lot better illustrated in WC3 than it is in WoW, there is too much focus on your character instead of the leaders and your character looks misplaced and the story is too separated between the Alliance and the Horde where in WC3 you get the whole view, the story in WoW is so messy and poorly illustrated when you compare it to WC3, if Blizzard had made a WC4 no doubt the story would be better illustrated.
just look at the WC3 costume campaign "Curse of the Forsaken" it's the story about fall of the Lich King and it is better told and illustrated than it is in WoW, I respect your opinion, but I can't agree with you.
TrapicheSapphire's avatar
...thats what i said. wow should be more like WC3 storywise
Then I misread your comment, sorry bro.
ArtsyAphrodisiac's avatar
What website/application did you use to make this?
erdenetulga's avatar
sakpalamey's avatar
The same character base for mortred in dota I.
ivana81uy's avatar
A truly excellent picture.  The facial tattoos and her eyes blew me away 😀
SilverrOne's avatar
This is superb. Not just the face, but the detail and texture in the armor and weapon.

Do you see this as "young" Maiev,prior to being chained to Illidan for 10,000 years?
VenoMItachi's avatar
Wow this is nice!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

sannamy's avatar
it was time... you tottally deserve that DD. ^^
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