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November 30, 2011
Jim Raynor by ~TamplierPainter

Also suggested by =YumiKF
Featured by TommyGK
Suggested by DameOdessa
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Jim Raynor

Video on YouTube: [link]
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I--Am--Ashley's avatar
Raynor! I like this picture of him!
ProRinnie's avatar
Wow, This is just so super awesome!
LempPL's avatar
This is great, but battlecruiser looks a little bit off. Keep doing a good work!
DoktorAtlas's avatar
Awesome ! :)
Can ui tell me which Brush u used most? Cant see in your Video :D
LordofGoodness's avatar
What ship is he driving?
lonedragon155's avatar
HA! I've seen your speedpaint videos and I KNEW YOU WERE ON DEVIANTART! I KNEW IT!
Houzi88's avatar
You should definitely work for blizzard! You're so amazing! Wish so bad I could draw like this! AMMMMAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ILikeCommas's avatar
Whoo! Captures him perfectly.
"This is Jimmy"
JaneSkyWalker's avatar
Изумительный рисунок. Не могу пройти мимо, не похвалив соотечественника.
BreaghaDerryth's avatar
*drops jaw*

That is an awesome depiction of Raynor!!

Maybe a little too heroic, but definitely awesome!

*picks up jaw and points accusingly at her tablet* Why don't you make stuff like that when I use you?!
Raxater's avatar
Reminds of one of my teachers o.O

I mean...

Incredible work sir! Truly original, rwally :O
Ilda28399's avatar
oh GODS O.O :drool:

you are amazing at drawing! i love your way of doing the lights! and the man looks so realistic :D
Ilda28399's avatar
welcome :) keep your art like this (i dubt there can be an improvement, its just perfect...O.O)
I cant able to understand anything !! How you are drawing like this ?? I tried with mouse, but it is not coming properly !! Can you please tell me how you draw this !!!
geniaccio's avatar
Zecorezecron's avatar
Hot Damn. I just watched your speed paint. I realized what I've been doing wrong. Thanks.

Awesome picture.
JDOUG5189's avatar
great job on this, instantly recognizable and looks like somethin Jim would pull
PHox5m's avatar
The best Starcraft artwork!
Spartan-640's avatar
what's he flying? a wraith?
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