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Jaina Proudmoore

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Favourited Watchi....wait already did that, fantastic. Could you perhaps check out mine here? www.deviantart.com/crusader126…
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Nice, thank you.
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I've seen this created on a fast-forward video on YouTube awhile back. Still amazing.
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Extremely well executed portrait of Jiana Proudmoore. Amazing. 
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Oh my! I've tried to find this speedpaint in so long! Thank you so much for adding this the speedpaint group, otherwise I would have never found this again! :love:
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great work!! greetings from germany!
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should make her to a wallpaper i like that but most be 1920x1080
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I am wondering. Why aren't King Varian and Jaina not married yet. I never understood that. I mean, they are of the same age I think, are very good friends and both have super powers (Jaina has magic and Varian the spirit of Goldrinn). Also Jaina has lost her fiancee(Arthas=Lich King) and Varian has lost his wife many years ago. So my point is... why aren't these 2 badass and awesome looking characters not married yet? If anyone can explain...pls answer me. :)
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me gusta pensar que hablan de mi hermana *-* 
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I saw the Youtube video and saw how the paterns on the belt, shoulder pads, and staff were drawn. lol. Incredible. xD
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wow this picture is just beautiful!
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Nice job, well done. It looks almost alive. 
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wow ; im in <3 :)
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I tried to draw it by pen & paper and was quite happy with the results, is it alright if I upload it but give you original credit?
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I start to learn drawing / painting because of this painting when i was watching it on youtube !!!!
You are my first Motivator !!
Astonishing Work !

                                                                                                       LONG LIVE !

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Please contact me for a business proposal
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Awesome! Your style reminds me of the artwork in 'Firstborn', a Darkness and Witchblade crossover. It's just about the only American comic novel that isn't Green Lantern that I like, so your stuff brings back good memories. :)
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She's so pretty!!
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WOW! It's amazing! greetings from Italy!:)

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wish there was a wallpaper size of this (1920x1080 or something like that)
is it possible to make that by filling the sides or something? i really love me some jaina :)
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I saw the speedpainting... holy hell... I wish I had your skill!
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