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Grom HellScream

Grommash HellScream
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This dude's pretty funny in the Campaign, as some of our Warcraft fans pointed out...
The orc with the ability to chop off venison from a DEMIGOD then slice open Mannoroth, got captured by a bunch of human foot soldiers?
Then after the landing on Kalimdor Grom got sent by Thrall to build up base in Ashenvale... aaaaand chop off venison from a demigod at his convenience... LOL

All said, Grom's pretty badass. I remember when he faced off Cenarius the latter keep shouting "I am the heart of the land!" and after Cenarius got chopped off venison I was like, "So much for 'heart of the land'(→_→)..."
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Stunning work, the energy just explodes from the image. Love the lighting and the details, the armour especially.
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Awesome and gorgeous! Great to see a lore accurate depiction of Grom!
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ever consider doing thrall
Garrosh is such an incredible disappointment to his father's legacy. He's not worthy of the name Hellscream, much less Gorehowl.

Oh! And great work too, this is awesome.
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Smash it! Burn it! Kill 'em all! All hail Grom Hellscream, hero of the Horde! Lok'Tar Ogar!
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wow just amazing.
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This totally, completely, utterly and absolutely outdoes anything that has ever done justice to the character of Grommash Hellscream. Ever.
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I love this! Awesome job!
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Лучший арт по Грому который доводилось видеть, прекрасная работа).
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Good old Grom in all his glory!

Love it!
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Не могли бы Вы описать, каким инструментом создавали глаза.
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Кистью)как и всё остальное)
Dear Tamplier,

i just recently came across your work via youtube, and i would like to just say this is amazing. The work you do is so amazing, you have such talent and its great to see characters like Grom HellScream be presented in such a fashion. This work is inspiring and keep it up. GREAT JOB!!!!!
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Impressive! My fav orc character in RoC!
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This kicks ass.
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KICK A $$ love the detail you put on him!
Великолепно!! хочу тоже рисовать на планшете,если можешь,скажи название твоего планшета,и фотошоп у тебя CS5?
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