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Dawn in Vivec

Morrowind Fan Art
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This pic is so freakin' incredibly brilliant, hits my Morrowind nostalgia and really shows the beauty of Vivec. Hello to my awesome new wallpaper!
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Reminds me of the old (official) Morrowind wallpapers. Total win!!!
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Love this image :) :+fav:
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This is so, so good. from the water, to the lanterns, everything here is great and completely captures the atmosphere. 
You have captured so well the atmosphere of the game, that I could tell immediately it was Vivec. Gorgeous image.
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lovely work, brings back good old memories
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My favorite game-world of all time. The artistic design of every different house and sub-culture of that game was genius, unique, and a perfect blend of fantasy with realism. Bethesda won my near-eternal loyalty with that game.
Anyway, great piece! You really captured the feel of Vivec here, and the colors you chose are beautiful.
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This is beautiful, definitely the best Vivec fan art I've seen.
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Как истинный фанат TES не могу не восхититься.
Посмотрел Ваши работы и могу сказать, что каждая из них лучше предыдущей.
Очень рад, что есть такие способные художники, буду следить за обновлениями. 
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Очень красиво. Добавил в игру как сплэш картинку.
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And now, I have the music in the head :)
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Still playing this right now and it's an incredible likeness! Once again, you are amazing. :clap:
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Oh wow, is that Vevec?
alphafox57's avatar
oh lol, yes it is <troll-face>
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I really enjoyed that game... It has a lot of features that Skyrim didn't include and I kind of miss them. Maybe some day I'll reinstall Morrowind and play through it again. I did so enjoy earning awesome lairs through the houses.
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You should watch "TUN: The Elder Scrolls VI - Youtubia" by MrBtongue, and "The Elder Scrolls : The Dumbing Down" by samyoulonline (on YouTube).
You'd QUITE agree with their points and your opinions should evolve! :D
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It's beautiful. Captures the feeling of the city perfectly.
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this is really worth buying for
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10 баллов
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Deja Vu. This picture brings me back to my early gaming days :D
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ай яй яй)) моровинд, навеяло старинкой)))) классная игруля. отличный арт
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i love water way bellow!
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