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Brick Texture

11 Brick Texture photos.
Delete the one(s) you don't want!

Taken by me, and free to use with 2 conditions!

1: Send me a link of your creation.
2: Credit me in your description.

Thats all. Enjoy, and happy digitizing.

Example using my brick textures
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Thank you,  I used your bricks in a school project that I was doing!

Barham-ad4 by hksarah123  
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Thank you so much! I used it for a song cover "Lynn ft. Kraken- Punchield"
Thank you, I used it for this i.imgur.com/jfE0aba.jpg
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hi ^^ thanks for uploading. i use one of your brick texture here :  buskohle.deviantart.com/art/Re…
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i hope its okay for me to use this as a school project ?
its in Denmark, but if the design is chosen then it will be on several posters around the town ..
if you do not what this pleas tell me a soon as you can, cors then i have to rethink the hole poster...
Eager to try these out . . Thanks!
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Thanks for great textures!
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I used your texture here, thankyou~ [link] :hug:
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Thanks so much for these!
I used it~
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thanks, I was really looking for textures as well, their are great!
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I used the texture :3 [link]

Hope you like it, and thankyou for the texture :3
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Hi, I have used it here:[link]
I hope you like:butterfly:
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Thanks so much! Used here: [link]
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