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A New Path, a SS Nuzlocke
Chapter 1 – This Stupid Town

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Still nothing. I groaned. How long would I have to wait for one stupid e-mail? I opened a new window on the laptop and tried to distract myself with other things. I spent about ten minutes watching funny videos of Meowths before my impatience drove me to check the mail again. I had recently entered a contest for a free cruise around Johto, and I wanted to know ASAP if I won. I knew the chances were small, but hey, anything to get me out of New Bark Town. I had a suspicion that the motto "The winds of a new beginning" was really a euphemism for "Old people come here to die and pass into the afterlife." I hit refresh again, mentally preparing myself for frustration.

"Ding!" One new e-mail, from the Luxurious Lapras Cruise Lines! I could feel my pulse racing as I quickly opened it and started reading.

"Dear Tamoria,
We regret to inform you that you did not win. Better luck next time, and feel free to sign up for a cruise anyway!"

That was it. All my breath left my lungs at once and I slumped back, fighting back tears of disappointment. Was I doomed to eternal boredom in this town I hated so much?

"Ding!" Huh? Another new e-mail? Maybe this was them again, letting me know that the last e-mail was a joke and of course I won my way out of this stupid town! I opened it and read.

I love POKéMON!

"Ugh!" I yelled, slamming shut the laptop and storming out of my room. What the hell was that kid's problem?! Seriously, the only person even close to my age in this ridiculous town just had to be insane! I reached the front door, called to my mom that I was going out, and left the house. I almost instantly regretted stepping foot outside when I heard a familiar growl. Something small and blue was charging at me full speed, with a trail of foamy bubbles falling from its mouth. "Oh, crap! No, Nibbles, NO! Get back!!" I screamed, but the psycho Marill kept coming at me full speed, launching itself at me and letting out a crazed howl that left me too scared to move.

"Nibbles! Get back here, you rascal!" Oh thank Arceus, it was Ethan! Nibbles landed at my feet, sending its slobber spraying across my new shoes. I just barely managed to resist the urge to kick it as it turned and bounced over to its owner. Ethan picked it up and laughed, coddling the beast as if it was a newborn kitten. "You silly Marill, did you scare Tamoria again?" he crooned in a sickening baby voice.

"Ethan, is that thing current on its rabies vaccination?" I asked, slowly calming down from the near death experience.

Ethan didn't seem to hear me, and started talking happily. "Hey, Tamoria, did you know Professor Elm just got some cool devices in? He's giving them out for free to anyone willing to do a favor for him! Why don't you go check it out?"

I didn't really know the Pokémon Professor that well, and I didn't care to get friendly with him now. I was about to retort that I had better things to do when something dawned on me. I actually didn't have a single thing better to do. That's just pathetic. Not to mention the whole contest thing still had me feeling pretty frustrated, and I really needed something to occupy my mind. "Sure, whatever, I'll go see what's up."

Ethan wished me good luck and left, and his Marill glared at me over his shoulder as he carried it off. I swear that insane thing has it in for me.

New Bark Town is pretty small, so I reached the Professor's lab without losing much time. I went in and found that the lab looked about like I expected it to. Everything was white and clean, and unidentifiable machines with ambiguous purposes were scattered around the room. An older man in a white lab coat who I assumed to be the Professor looked up as I came in. Beside him were three Pokémon, a hedgehog-like one with fire coming out of its back, a blue alligator with red spikes down its spine, and a green one with a leaf coming out of its head. The Professor cracked a huge grin and approached me for a handshake, while the Pokémon stayed behind and eyed me up and down, taking in my blonde hair, blue blouse, and black pants. I thought I looked nice, minus the small splotches of Marill slobber, but something about my appearance seemed to cause them to become dismissive of me.

"Well, well, you must be Tamoria! Glad to meet you, I'm Professor Elm!" I started, surprised that he knew who I was, but then realized that it probably wasn't hard to guess my identity when there weren't any other 17 year-old girls around. "Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokémon!" He said, his smile practically reaching both of his ears.

I had to suppress a shudder as I shook his hand. I had more experience than I wanted with Pokémon, thanks to Nibbles. "Yeah, uh, thanks, but no. I think you've got the wrong idea. I just heard you were giving out something to anyone willing to do an errand."

"Quite right, my dear girl!" He said, sounding unfazed. "I'm giving out… ADVENTURE! Aren't you EXCITED?" I turned on my heel and headed for the door, wanting nothing to do with this. "Also, a Pokégear with built in phone to help you along your journey."

I stopped and turned right back. "Free phone!? Seriously!? Why didn't you say so sooner? Sign me up!" For the first time this day, things finally seemed to be looking up.

"Great! I just need you to fetch something very interesting from an acquaintance of mine, Mr. Pokémon. He lives in the northern part of Rt. 30." He reached in his lab coat pocket and pulled out a small device, which I guessed was the Pokégear. He held it out for me, but the instant before I could get it, he pulled it back out of reach. "Wait a minute, you don't have a Pokémon, do you? What is it with you youth today thinking you can just waltz through tall grass and not get brutally mauled by wild Pokémon? Well, for now you can just take one of mine with you."

As he said it, the blue and the green Pokémon exchanged a glance, nodded, and shoved the hedgehog-like one forward before both bolting off to hide behind a machine.

"Hey!" The Pokémon yelled, surprised, and turned around furiously after the retreating others. The flames on its back flared up as its temper rose.

"Ah, we have a volunteer!" The Professor said, seemingly unaware of what just happened. "Tamoria, this is Charlotte, the Cyndaquil. She will accompany you." He handed me the Pokégear as Charlotte looked up at me and sighed.

"Fine, whatever. Let's get this over with," she said, heading towards the door.

"My thoughts exactly," I murmured, stowing away my new Pokégear in my bag and following her out.

We walked in silence together until we reached the edge of town and stood at the start of Rt. 29. There was a long awkward pause before I finally broke the quiet. "So you can take care of any crazy wild Pokémon, right, Charlotte?" I asked, nervous about what the Professor had said about being mauled.

Something I said made the Cyndaquil wince. "Well, duh, yeah. But don't call me Charlotte; I hate that name. Call me Charlie and we'll get along just fine, capiche?" As she talked, I noticed that she had a tongue piercing. She really wasn't making a good first impression on me, but she probably didn't care what I thought of her.

"Fine, then, Charlie." I said, deciding I didn't want to be on her bad side. I stood there for a long moment, just staring down the path, and then finally took my first step out of my stupid hometown with my strange companion following right behind.
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Well, here it is! My first ever deviation! I've really been enjoying checking out others' Nuzlockes, and I'm very excited to finally be starting my own.

I should probably go ahead and mention that Tamoria is not based off of myself. I just like to use that name a lot.

Well, I've got a lot planned for this run, and I can't wait to tell this story! It gets more interesting, I promise! I would really appreciate some feedback and critique. I'm planning on posting a new chapter at least once a week, but if I get some positive feedback, I'll be sure to update more often.

-Charlie joined the team! Cyndaquil, female, serious nature.
© 2011 - 2021 Tammoria
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Wow sounds really good! *Keeps reading*
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sooo i pretty much joined just so i could read your stuff, since you've been such a loyal reader to me on PR ^.^
well... that and so i can get aPokelypse out there a little more. still.

anyway, OT... this is a wonderful chapter here. i totally lol'd at the refreshing the page thing just because i SO do that when i'm expecting a message. and when Ethan's email popped up i just about lost it XD

i'll probably read this in pieces a few chapters at a time but i'm looking forward to getting caught up with the story!
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Aw, thanks! =D
aPokelypse really deserves more audience. I hope you find more committed readers! ^^

Yep, that's pretty much how I act, too. And Ethan is just so... special, sometimes. XD

Thanks, and good plan. This ended up being longer than I was expecting, so reading it in bits is probably the best way to go.
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Hahaha Wow, lots of great characterization right in the first chapter! Definitely interested to see where this will go. =-)
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Thank you! I'll try to keep it interesting :D
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I like this so far! Great job.
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Sounds good, Tammy! Can't wait to read the next one :3
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