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The Messenger
Walking into the mouth of hell is something I will never get used to. The smell, a sulfur-and-incense mix, tries to be welcoming and falls short into creepy at best, nauseous at worst. There's a humid quality to the air, which is weird considering the volumes of fire and magma in the place. My intent steps tread over layers of bone that cross together tightly, a sturdy bridge of death from one world to another. Above me I can feel the ghosts of damned souls reaching for the bright light that is my living being.
I keep my eyes fixed on the bone bridge, skulls and femurs of all things, not just human. The deeper I walk, the darker they become, as if they've been charred by the heat. A spectral hand brushes through my short hair like a breeze and I repress the urge to glance up. I know full well what the guardians of the bridge do to living things that meet their eyes. I don't have any interest in making my visit a permanent one.
Not yet, anyway.
The bones give way to ancient lava flow an
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Zoo 15 by tamiveldura Zoo 15 :icontamiveldura:tamiveldura 1 0 Zoo 14 by tamiveldura Zoo 14 :icontamiveldura:tamiveldura 0 0 Zoo 13 by tamiveldura Zoo 13 :icontamiveldura:tamiveldura 0 0
Lin took a deep breath of incensed air, a rose-and-citrus smell that her mother insisted calmed the nerves. It wasn't calming today. She gripped a stiletto knife in her right hand, a dark towel in her left, and leaned against the wall beside her door. The smile on the lucky cat across the room mocked her.
To her left and across the doorway, Zhao also leaned against the wall. He didn't appear to be affected by nerves. He folded and re-folded his hand towel, a repetition of impatience. The incense curled in the space between them.
Lin let her breath out. A slippered step outside the door. Lin and Zhao both stiffened to attention. The Emperor pushed open the door to his private room, one hand already at his neck undoing the toggles of his robe. Lin stepped clear of the wall and bowed- a too-fast bob of her upper body that radiated all of her anxiety. The Emperor paused to squint at her.
Zhao pushed the door closed. He  grabbed the Emperor from behind, his towel and hand pressed tight
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Zoo 12 by tamiveldura Zoo 12 :icontamiveldura:tamiveldura 1 0
The Queen's Offering
Cornelia and Alva ran through the halls with identical grins and dresses trailing behind them. They reached a side door and Cornelia slid on the polished tiles, grabbing Alva's arms to stop her, too. She took two deep breaths, slowing her heart. "Stick with me," she said. "Stand here to my right." Cornelia pointed a half step behind her. "That's normally the Lord-In-Waiting's spot but Izaak is left-handed so he stands here." She waved her to her left.
"Are we really doing this? I'm going to be up there with you?"
"Hey," Cornelia smiled, "I said I'd get you into the coronation, didn't I?"
"Mother is going to be livid I skipped out on her." Alva grinned, "We need to make it up to her somehow."
"We'll think of something." Cornelia faced the doorway, took another breath, and wiped the humor from her face with a flex of her lips. She stood taller and heard Alva next to her also straighten. Cornelia pushed the doors open to a small room with too many Ladies crowding the space.
They all chatt
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As previously stated I'm a writer! Published even. Look me up. The one book I have out in the wild falls under the category of Gay Erotic Romance, that's two guys having sex without a fade-to-black to hide the details. Not your thing? No worries, I also write fantasy, space opras and science fiction.

In order to keep my name in people's heads I have a newsletter that goes out on the first of every month. It includes:

An interview with a writer, reader, publisher, artist or other interesting individual
An excerpt of my writing (or a timely article such as NaNo)
An update of my writing progress on various projects
A list of things I've read in the past month
A list of 5 quick/dirty writing tips
A few other knick nacks as they occur to me.

If you're interested in reading such a thing on a monthly basis you should know that it is occasionally not safe for work. I write text porn, you might have text porn in your inbox. Don't open it at work or with Grandma looking over your shoulder. I do list the interview before possible text porn and provide a warning before said text porn so there's plenty of time to avoid it if you want the other content.

If you're still interested in reading expansive interviews, hearing first about free fiction and giveaways, want to know more about my stories in general, or want a head's up before I publish a new book, sign up with the below:

I only send out the newsletter on the first of each month, nothing else.
All links to stories or books from my newsletter are amazon affiliate links.

Tami Veldura


Tami Veldura
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


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Happy Birthday!

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Hi. I was google searching for pages that mentioned Kaman's Art Shoppes and came across one of your old journal entries. I wanted to ask, did they allow employees to have facial piercings there?
tamiveldura Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there :) I don't recall specifically, but it's likely to depend on the location you're at.  They follow the dress code of the park they're working in, so Legoland's code might be different from the San Diego Zoo (for example). 

Your best bet is to get a clear/flesh-colored spacer for the interview, then later, when you start working, you can bring it up. That way, if they say no, you already have the job (and the spacer) and you'll avoid any prejudice against the piercing. 
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Thanks for the reply. The interviewer said it wasn't a problem. I was happy to hear that. 
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Did you get the job? :D
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