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Published: September 18, 2008
i´ve been away for a while. not from myself, but from here.
i´m not living in são paulo anymore. i´m not even in a city anymore.
it´s not far, but it´s a much calmer and beautiful place.
since i got here i studied a lot about astronomy (i have a 200mm reflector telescope!), plants (i can eat a lot of things from my garden now, and have some beautiful flowers), ornithology (i have identified 55 species of birds so far) and lots of other things.

now, about the paintings... i´ve been painting more in the last couple of months.. now that i´m settled i have more time to paint, which i didn´t have in the beginning.
i´ll post more of them soon.
i am also organizing my gallery, creating folders, etc...

that´s it for now.

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Very nice to hear from you and it sounds like you've achieved a lot! =D
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Nice to hear from you. Im quite interested to figure out where you are based now? Sounds like a journey of self discovery. Miss your work. Cheers
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taminoProfessional Traditional Artist
hey man! i´m living in a place near são paulo, but with a state park between me and the city. it´s a place called serra da cantareira ("serra" means "woods"). there is another city near here called mairiporã, but it is also about 40 minutes away by car (and i don´t have a car, hehe). one important thing about this place is that it´s vegetation and animals are from the atlantic forest (mata atlântica) which has already lost more than 90% of it´s original area, and is one of the richer habitats in the world with thousands of species, and most of them are endemic.
the only bad thing about staying here is that when one grows roots, it´s hard to have the freedom one expects. what i mean is that i miss traveling around! hehe. i was even planning a trip to asia!
thanks for stopping by!