Recycle Your Organic Waste
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Published: October 16, 2008
Have you ever wondered where does you trash go? If you ever thought about that then it's time to start thinking about what you can do to minimize your waste.

Along with other recyclable materials like paper, metals and plastics, organic leftovers are also extremely hazardous to the environment when put together in large amounts.
Each country and city handles their trash differently, of course there are places where the government does a good job, but even so, there is still a lot of handling, transportation and pollution that could be minimized.
Yes, even recycling pollutes a lot.

If you have a garden or any patch of land you can create a place where you can compost these leftovers. As a result you will minimize the impact you have on the ecosystem and on the city's garbage handling. The resulting compost is a great fertilizer that can be used to nurture any plants you might have on your garden, being a good alternative for chemical fertilizers.  

Things that might be suitable for composting are: kitchen waste, waste food, garden waste and spoiled fruit and vegetables.

There are many ways to do the composting, but the basic principle is this: all the leftovers mentioned should be put together in a pile or in a bin. The only recommendations are to add diverse material to keep the compost balanced, while mixing it regularly to help the decomposition processes. If done correctly the compost will not smell rotten, it should smell like the forest floor and be ready to use in a couple of months!

Some websites like or may help you if you want to learn more.

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Good article mate!
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taminoProfessional Traditional Artist
thanks man!
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Very interesting...I myself do this at home and I hope this summer I'll have some of my own vegetables grown thanks to the compost I've been preparing almost 8 months ago.
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taminoProfessional Traditional Artist
very good to know! i feel very good about doing that, it's terrible to throw organic matter into the garbage disposal.