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I just finished making a portfolio about my latest exhibition called "A Serra", which I did together with my wife Juliana about our life outside the big city and closer to nature (although the city is not far away). The exhibition is taking place in the Serra da Cantareira State Park, in a museum which has an incredible view of the city of São Paulo, seen from above.
The exhibit features paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolor, drawings, photos, cloths, trees planted by us and land art, compositions with objects we collected from nature.
In the portfolio, besides the pictures of the exhibit and some of the ones we showcased, I also put pictures I took in the park during the period of exhibition.

Here's the address of the portfolio:


Acabei de fazer um portfolio sobre minha última exposição, chamada "A Serra", que fiz junto com minha mulher Juliana, sobre a nossa vida fora da cidade grande e mais próxima da natureza (apesar da cidade não estar longe). A exposição é no Parque Estadual da Cantareira, num museu que tem uma vista incrível da cidade de São Paulo, vista de cima.
Estamos expondo pinturas em óleo, acrílica e aquarela, desenhos, fotos, tecidos, árvores que plantamos e arte da terra, composições com objetos coletados na natureza.
No portfolio, além das fotos da exposição e algumas das que expomos, também coloquei fotos que tirei no parque durante o período de exposição.

Aqui está o endereço do portfolio:

coming back after a while... will post some new/old stuff.
hard to keep everything organized.
I just made a portfolio about my exhibition using deviantart's new system, check it out:


Fiz um portfolio sobre a minha exposição Natura Naturans:
I'm making an exhibition in a week. It's called Natura Naturans (the name was inspired by the philosophy of Baruch Espinosa). The exhibition will be in a place called IQ Art Gallery | Chakras, in São Paulo, Brazil. If you happen to be in São Paulo, you are invited. There will be a vernissage on July 14th. You can see the invitation (in portuguese) here:…

I'll talk and post more about the exhibition soon.


Vou fazer uma exposição daqui a uma semana. A exposição se chama Natura Naturans (nome inspirado pela filosofia de Baruch Espinosa). A exposição será na IQ Art Gallery | Chakras, em São Paulo. Se você estiver em São Paulo, está convidado. Haverá uma vernissage no dia 14 de Julho. Veja o convite aqui:…

Em breve falarei mais sobre a exposição.
Estou começando a escrever sobre minhas experiências aqui onde estou morando, na Serra.

Aqui está:


I'm starting to write about my experiences here where I'm living, in the woods.
I've only made a version in portuguese so far, so if you can't speak portuguese you can still see the pictures and try to make something out of it if you want... maybe I'll do a version in english someday.

Here it is:
It's amazing how manicheist and dichotomous the American society is.
I don't know if people actually gave thought to the fact that the only two political parties available are RED and BLUE, while the RED party is headed towards warfare and the BLUE one is sponsoring peace. The Blue guy is going to help Africa, stop the war, in other words: do everything the world is expecting of the USA, especially after so much war. The Red guy is way too old, endorses the war and has a vice that is the laughing stock of the moment.

So, do you want the puppet on the left, or the puppet on the right? The peace guy or the war guy?
They don't really give that many options, do they?

It seems to work in cycles, if you know what I mean. After a few years of "peace" with the Blue guy, the public opinion will be ready for some more Red action.

Just two sides of the same old coin... "Democracy"
Have you ever wondered where does you trash go? If you ever thought about that then it's time to start thinking about what you can do to minimize your waste.

Along with other recyclable materials like paper, metals and plastics, organic leftovers are also extremely hazardous to the environment when put together in large amounts.
Each country and city handles their trash differently, of course there are places where the government does a good job, but even so, there is still a lot of handling, transportation and pollution that could be minimized.
Yes, even recycling pollutes a lot.

If you have a garden or any patch of land you can create a place where you can compost these leftovers. As a result you will minimize the impact you have on the ecosystem and on the city's garbage handling. The resulting compost is a great fertilizer that can be used to nurture any plants you might have on your garden, being a good alternative for chemical fertilizers.  

Things that might be suitable for composting are: kitchen waste, waste food, garden waste and spoiled fruit and vegetables.

There are many ways to do the composting, but the basic principle is this: all the leftovers mentioned should be put together in a pile or in a bin. The only recommendations are to add diverse material to keep the compost balanced, while mixing it regularly to help the decomposition processes. If done correctly the compost will not smell rotten, it should smell like the forest floor and be ready to use in a couple of months!

Some websites like or may help you if you want to learn more.

I wanted to know what the people around here do for a living. Do you make money with your art?
One of the main reasons I became a painter was as my profession, I did make enough money in the last 5 years to live well and support myself, without much direct economic help from my parents. It wasn´t so hard because my father taught me a lot about painting and my mother helped me to sell because she already had a lot of experience selling my father´s work.
But my parents separated some years ago, the situation still didn´t settle, and they don´t help me much anymore. It turns out the family unit did have something to do with my stability and now it´s gone. I know what I have to do now, I have to develop my career on my own, but the thing is I don´t really like the art world, the galleries and market. So I´d have to sell myself to sell my work.
In fact, I´m running away from all of it, I don´t really want a career, to be a famous artist or anything like my father and my grandfather. I just want a simple life. I´m living outside the city now. I love nature, I´m growing a garden, and my real goal is sustainability. I wish I didn´t depend on money and the marketplace to live. I know it´s an utopic idea, but I am trying to pursue it giving small steps in that direction.
But I know I need money anyway, and I did put a lot of effort in my paintings. So the real question now is this: how can I sell my paintings and still maintain my lifestyle? or maybe: what else can I do to make money?
Just wanted to take all of this out of my head.
i´ve been away for a while. not from myself, but from here.
i´m not living in são paulo anymore. i´m not even in a city anymore.
it´s not far, but it´s a much calmer and beautiful place.
since i got here i studied a lot about astronomy (i have a 200mm reflector telescope!), plants (i can eat a lot of things from my garden now, and have some beautiful flowers), ornithology (i have identified 55 species of birds so far) and lots of other things.

now, about the paintings... i´ve been painting more in the last couple of months.. now that i´m settled i have more time to paint, which i didn´t have in the beginning.
i´ll post more of them soon.
i am also organizing my gallery, creating folders, etc...

that´s it for now.

My Grandfather has just turned 80 years old.
He is a very important Brazilian artist, and was a militant communist.
He is a very skilled painter and engraver.

This is him today:

I just received lots of used and old art materials from him, as I did receive from my father at various occasions before. It´s very good to make the most of their leftovers, learn about new materials and techniques. Put everything into order, clean it and take care of it. It really makes me feel the meaning of the word "legacy".

His name is Mario Gruber by the way.
i was looking through some old family photos that belonged to my great grandmother and i was amazed by how beautiful and meaningful they are. i scanned some of them and put them in a new deviantart account i created: hollander

family photo 02 by hollander family photo 04 by hollander family photo 05 by hollander

there are some pictures from my great grandfather josef hollander during world war one. he was from the austro-hungarian empire.

family photo 07 by hollander family photo 06 by hollander family photo 08 by hollander

i tried to scan the pictures as they are and didn´t try to enhance them.. i think they are beautiful like that. i will post more later. there are some really interesting stuff.

hello there...
i just came back from a 3 month trip through brazil... i ended up in the amazon rainforest and had amazing experiences over there, i learned a lot about preconceptions we all have about it. at first i only thought about the nature i would see there, and didn´t think about the people living there. the contact i had with them was one of the most rewarding things about the whole trip. i thought places like that should have no human presence to be preserved but the riverside communities are not the problem there, the biggest problems are wood extraction and soy planting. multinational corporation cargill has a great soy silo in one of the cities i went to and it incentivates farmers in the region to plant and produce soy, which is planted on illegal land that is deforested and used for about 3 years. after that the land is abandoned because it is not fertile anymore, leading to desertification. the soy produced in the amazon goes straight to europe in big ships, and the soy is used solely for animal feeding, which means the european meat market is responsible for a lot of amazon's deforestation.
i also went to a brazilian national park called "chapada diamantina" which is the most beautiful place i´ve ever been. i´ll post some pictures from the trip on my other deviantart account look-around.

morro do castelo by look-around       cachoeirao de cima by look-around     

i also want to thank the painters club here on deviantart for awarding me the 1st place on their diptych contest. you can see the info about the contest here:….
this is the painting that i sent to the contest:
City street at night by tamino

it´s been a while since i adopted a vegetarian diet, but lately i took it one step further and stopped eating anything that comes from animal exploitation, like milk, cheese, eggs...
i saw a documentary about the subject that had a very strong impact on me, and it does affect everyone that sees it. it is called "earthlings" and it is a great statement about mankind's dependence on animals for food, clothing, entertainment and use in experimentation.
you can watch it here:…
i'm from brazil, how about you?
are you a religious person?
i'm not, but i'm very interested in religion, so share your beliefs with me if you want.
sometimes i get curious to know more about the people who visit this page.

i think it was easier to find good art here some time ago...

when i had the patience to do so.
let me know if you still visit my gallery.
if you are ever around, let me know.
let me know who you are...
ah it´s starting to get cold around here...

i´ve been learning so much about portraits! it´s amazing, i don´t know why i took so long to get into it. i feel like i´m taking giant steps, improving a lot very fast. i hope to have some good portrait paintings sometime soon, at least by the end of the year (!!) hehe it´s not easy to get people to pose for long. the portrait sessions i´m going to only last one or two sessions per person and that´s not enough to make a good painting (for me... yet). maybe some self-portraits will show up, partially because of that ;)

i met a very good painter in these sessions, his name is Rodrigo Cunha, and i helped him make a deviantart account, check it out: ahnucogirdor
i´m learning a lot from him. he painted a portrait of me in these sessions, i posed two times, of about 4 hours each.
Lucio Tamino - R by ahnucogirdor

you know, i noticed that my scrapbook is full of stuff, so you might as well check it out:

i need to sell some paintings.. i could use the money. didn´t have any luck this year... yet. if i get good at doing portraits maybe i can do some commissions? heh

now as for the prints here on deviantart, if anyone is interested in them, they are not expensive... i don´t get much money for them, i just like putting them up for exposure. it sure feels good to know your art is all the way across the world ;) check them out here:

new coldplay album X&Y out today. well i already have the mp3 since last week. i love their music.

well that´s it for now.. i wish i had more to write, i just hope my art says something about me.
check this out, and then we´ll talk…
hey there... so, i don´t think i´ll end my travel journal.. i don´t know, i just feel like talking about something else.


i´ve been doing portrait sessions which has been very interesting. i´ve made some friends there and i am learning a lot. i´m painting with only the primary colors (blue, red, yellow) and black and white. it´s very easy to paint like that, i can make every single color i want and it´s not hard at all. i already mixed the paint before and created some colors but never like i am doing now. it´s the best way to get every single hue you see in the human face. you just mix yellow, red and white, and then you add a pinch of blue, that way you get the skin tone very well, you just have to add the right ammount of each color depending on the color of the skin and the region of the face you´re painting, and observing the light as well. depending on the person the skin color will have more blue in it, and sometimes things like a two day unshaved beard will have a greenish tone. this is very practical as well because now i only have to take 5 colors with me.


i went to the concert of a band i really like a couple of weeks ago. the band is called placebo, a british band you may know already. it was a great show.
many bands i really like have released (or will release) new cds lately and it was really cool getting the mp3s. some new cds i got:

placebo - once more with feeling (best of - two new tracks)
fiona apple - extraordinary machine (this cd is awesome.. i love her)
garbage - bleed like me (one of my favorite bands, can never get enough)
queens of the stone age - lullabies to paralyze
beck - guero
moby - hotel

expecting the new coldplay record called X&Y as well as the new billy corgan cd (smashing pumpkins singer)

Nasca (sometimes spelled Nazca) is the name of a system of valleys on the southern coast of Peru, and the name of the region's largest existing town. It is also the name applied to the Nasca culture that flourished in the area between 300 BCE and 800 CE. They were responsible for the famous Nasca lines and the ceremonial buried city of Cahuachi, they also constructed an impressive system of underground aquaducts that still function today.

Cahuachi by look-around

It was one of the most impressive cities we have visited because there was so much to learn about the Nasca culture. The mysteries that surround the construction of the Nasca lines are fascinating and it´s very interesting to learn all the theories about them.

Sand dunes in Ica

From Nasca we went to Ica and Pisco, there are also interesting things to see there.. There are giant sand dunes in Ica, and we went to a very well preserved Inca city near Pisco, the buildings there were made of Adobe, a building material composed of sandy clay and straw, which can be cast into bricks or shaped directly into walls using wooden frames. Adobe structures are easily damaged by excessive moisture, but offer significant advantages in hot, dry climates.

Adobe city in Pisco

Then we went to Cusco, the capital of Tahuantinsuyu (or Inca Empire).