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colors of the city

By tamino
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this is one of my first attempts with acrylic paint. i think it turned out rather well.

acrylic on canvas - 2000

full view recommended ;)
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great choice of colours :) and amazing forms, also for being your first try at acrylics it turned out great i liked the textures created from this experiment :)
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The geometical forms, the pairing of red & grey & the light & dark that's in this piece is awesome. Love it!
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This looks great. The color combination is wonderful; the red really makes this piece pop out, but there's a good bit of pale blues and grays to keep it from being too overpowering. The lighting is also wonderful; there's a very convincing feeling that there is a powerful light source in the image through the use of the intense shadows. The variation in sizes of the shapes makes for a very interesting composition, and the few curves in the piece make for a great subtle contrast and balance in the piece. Awesome work! :)

~ Ashley
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I love the geometric shapes and how they make a really strong image
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yeah...none of that nasty plasticky feel they can give...did u use em like goache?...thats the nice thing bout kryliks ...u can use them in so many ways.
nice warm shadows 2
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yes i used them with water... it´s a technique that can be used in many ways alright ;)
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ahh, it's so lifelike, yet so abstract at the same time
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that was a nice thing to hear, because i love both styles
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you've got the skillz man! :)
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This is a really great looking piece, although I can't really put my finger on what it is that appeals to me so much - it's probably the unique use of red for the buildings. Great job.
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Very good beginning. :) Now for the journey....
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Esto me gusta bastante, los colores, ese rayo de luz que ilumina, te felicito!! para ser un primer intento en acrilico, es fabuloso! Trabajas bastante, eh? bueno......asi es como debe ser!

........................................ ......&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ........................................ .........
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That is so cool. This is something I'd see in an art gallery and remember as one of my favourites.
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thank you, i´m honoured :)
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it´s great - as always! the colours are gorgeous, the shading is perfect. can´t find anything i dislike about this one =)
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thank you very much :)
when will you post more paintings?
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i am about to finish one :)
i´ve been so busy in the past 2 weeks..
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Really beautiful... love your style... your paintings are amazing... :clap: :clap:
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woah! :jawdrop: i love it!! it's my absolute favourite!! because the colors are great and the city looks very futuristic and then the emptiness in it is so awesome! great work!! very great work and a must fav!
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i like to portray the empty city because i think it´s more beautiful and harmonic that way ;) thanks for the visit and fav :)
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This is great - u are experimenting with colour and it is so different to other epices i have seen of yours! I love it. even though red is an abtract colour for light - it still looks realistic....Brilliant...I love it.
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yes it´s always good to try new things. i liked the concept you gave, that red is an abstract color for light, i didn´t think of it that way ;)
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