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In Brazil, the new acronym "PANC - Plantas Alimentícias Não Convencionais" has been created recently. It means "Unconventional Edible Plants" in portuguese, used to describe plants that are edible but that are not commonly used as food, that are mostly unknown. 
I started to learn about these plants when studying about politics, sustainability and agro-ecology. Most of them can also be described as "wild foods", plants that grow spontaneously, so they don't need to be planted, watered, fertilized, etc, they can simply be gathered, like our human ancestors used to do. This is a revolutionary approach to agriculture and gastronomy, as it could save a lot of money, energy, supplies, etc, aiming towards a more sustainable future for all, feeding people that could otherwise suffer from hunger. 
With that in mind I created the project "PANC é PUNK!" ("PANC is PUNK!", observation: both words have the same sound in Portuguese), in which I painted these Unconventional Edible Plants over propaganda billboards for political campaigns I found during the elections in the streets of São Paulo, Brazil. Instead of the politicians and their name and party titles, I pictured a plant and its popular and scientific names, something that really should be known to everyone. Together with some friends that also work in the area, I created an event where people could see the art and eat from a menu of dishes made with those plants. 

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