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I´ve been working for last three months on a commissioned painting... a 1,60 x 2,10 m painting done in acrylics on canvas. The painting depicts São Paulo´s Municipal Theater.

I took lots of pictures of this painting since I started it, pictures of the whole process, so I made a very interesting walkthrough showing the whole execution. See it here: [link]

I had already posted a picture of it unfinished.. you can also see the painting´s size there. Check it out: [link]

I hope you guys like it, I worked a lot on it. If you have any questions, please ask. It is also available as a print.
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I thought this was a photograph that is how amazing this is! My favorite part of this painting would have to be the lighting. I personally find that the most difficult to capture accurately :-)
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WOW! what patience! it must have taken you forever
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oooooooooooooohhhhhhh... it's glowing...
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it's look great :D especially the light :D
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This almost looks like a picture that was taken! I love it!
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Muito legal!!! MESMO!!! :)
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That looks fantastic!! :omfg: Didn't really believe you did that on canvas and acrylic paint! It just looks outstanding!! :love:
everything looks beautiful!
I. AM. SO. JEALOUS, hahaha. Really, nice job.
I just typed in "theater" looking for a few good pictures. I didn't expect to find anything as impressive as this right away but I'm glad I did!

I love the warm golden color of the foreground contrasted against the slightly misty background. It gives the whole picture that 'magic' air you get sometimes when you walk around the city at night. I especially dig how you used those highlights to depict the floodlights - it really adds some nice depth to the building's facade.

I also like your choice of the couple walking along in the lower righthand corner. They don't distract from the painting, but really help set the mood. Somehow it would be much different without that little human element.

I envy your patron, for getting to see this all the time once they hang it up!
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this is possibly one of the most amazing paintings ive ever seen. a job very well done!
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Almost impossible to believe it isn't a photo! Jawdropping. The skill is completely tangible. :faint:
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OMG! You're job is just stunning!

the theater had an amazing light, the color are perfect and the background buildings are loonkig real like a picture!

Very very good!

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Lovely! It looks a bit like the Metropolitan museum in New York
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Meus parabéns Tamino! Sua obra tem muita qualidade. O tamanho é impressionante!

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O teatro é bonito, mas sua pintura fez ele deslumbrante, lindo!:hug:
Parabéns pelo trabalho!
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bacana, parabéns!!!
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This piece remindede me how long I've actually lived so far from the city. It brought a wave of nostalgy, the times where I'd look out the window at night and see empty streets lit with a golden shower of light. Thank you.
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Muito bom. Sua técnica é impressionante. :+fav:
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Incredibile!! That had to have been a lot of work, but well worth it.
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OMGG this is just AMAZINGGG!!! ur are soo SOO TALENTED!!
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