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Downtown Lights

just before nightfall
during heavy rain
my latest painting
finished it two days ago
it was a commissioned work
acrylic on canvas
1,0 x 1,4 m
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© 2006 - 2021 tamino
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Wonderful, I love the mood and lighting :) +fav
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Maravilhoso seu trabalho...composição, cores, etc!
Parabéns mesmo!
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The atmosphere is wondeful! I love this :thumbsup: :+fav:
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This TOTALLY looked like a real street photo from the thumb:lmao:
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very spectacular, I like expecially those reflection in water...and the colors are remarkable :)
ALP-Dreams's avatar
:wow: I like the atmosphere, the lighting, the perspective, everything! :)
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This is gorgeous. It feels so alive yet at the same time lonely and cold. Like stumbling around after a night of revelry, realizing the the rest of the world is about to wake up and you better get your ass to bed before the sun comes up. The reflections are nice, the warm glow of the lights versus the cool blue of the sky.
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I'm amazed. Great work on how the structures are illuminated, as well as the reflection.
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Beautiful -- I really love the colours, and the perspective is lovely!
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ver uma bela pintura de são paulo como essa até me faz esquecer que a cidade está tão caótica...
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It's your urban scenes I love the most. Something about the way you "light" your pictures and the way it reflects off its surroundings.
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thanks man. always good to hear ;)
i do pay special attention to the lighting
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ficou mesmo ótimo o feeling de chuva :hug:
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adoro o reflexo das luzes no chao!
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que bom, pois foi uma das coisas que mais me esforcei pra fazer ;)
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:clap: ficaram otimas!

brigado pelo favorito! :hug:
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excellent work yet again, friend.

Great reflections on the road... really stunning.
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it's beautiful Lucio. I love your acrylics.
Hope you are well!!
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thanks ria.. i am doing well. how about you?
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hey Lucio,
I'm glad to hear you are well.
I think of you often.
Me. . . I'm very well . . . just stuck with my art so I'm still busy with the garment design (knit and crochet) stuff. . . it's just fun and my ego doesn't get in the way. . . and I'm selling patterns online so that's a bonus. I don't need the money but it's fullfilling on some level.
I miss painting but I'm in my own way. Being realistic I don't think I'll be painting until summer.
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Lucio, have I told you that I'm going to be an orthodontist or a dentist or something in that general area? In America, that means I'm going to be rich. I want to be your patron! I want to buy all your paintings and hang them in my house like a glorious museum. This is simply a masterpiece. Save this one for me to buy! :)
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thanks drew, that's a very generous thing to say.
but this one is already sold, sorry.. hehe
and no, i didn't know you were going to be a dentist. when did you realize that's what you wanted to do? well, good luck at that ;)
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