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After the Rain

oil on canvas

it´s hard to photograph oils! any painting now that we´re at it...
the colors are never the same... and i hate editing it too much.
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Excellent work
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great work,the reflecting light looks good
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I absolutely love the lights on the pavement in this painting, I can feel its texture inside my skin. I agree about photographing paintings (and oils especially), that's why I don't have any images of my traditional artwork in my online portfolio - as much as I would love to be able to display them, a digital photo just doesn't generally capture the depth, thickness, the essence of a true painting.
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i love to hear when the painting causes sensations to the viewer, so I was very pleased by your comment, and as you mentioned, viewing it in the internet can't be compared to the real painting, so i wish i could show you the original :)
i sympathize with your attitude of not showing your traditional work here.
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it looks great!!!!! :D
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:trophy:Happy Traditional Art Day:trophy:

Featured here---->[link]


Hope you don't mind.
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This is simply stunning!!!
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I love how you rendered the lights, great job!
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Great painting. Those lights are nearly making me squint:)

I'm feelin' your pain on photos of paintings....though enough of yours gets through, I think, to strut its stuff.
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Just as gorgeous and well executed as always :clap: :)
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Do you have any suggestions on photographing oils? Or acrylic especially. Oy!
This beautiful, though! So amazing.
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what works well for me is to use 2 light spots. you have to try positioning the spots at various different angles (but each one on one side of the painting) and see which is the angle with less reflexion ;)
thanks for showing up
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Again, Tamino, another painting which I would hang upon my wall! Absolutely love it! love the reflections of light down the cobbles.

Maybe one day I can afford a real painting by you to be sent to Scotland! :-s
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hm... wonderful... :) It reminds me Van Gogh, the lights and the ground especially... :o)
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It seems like a modern Cafe Terrace at Night. I like it!
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i love this piece, i love all ur work this is really a good one though!
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I do love atmosphere here. And lighting is so great.
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Has mejorado mucho en perspectiva y me gustan los colores que usaste...felicitaciones Tamino...
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great work. i know what you mean about photographing. its so hard to get a good photo.
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I know what you mean about photographing paintings. . .at least pastels don't have the glossy surface which makes it a bit easier.
Beautiful Lucio. Great light as usual and I like the blue sky with the lit street . . dusk or dawn? It feels like dawn to me with the absence of people.
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The street has a beautiful mix of colors to create the reflections of lights and texture... it's a shame that more of that texture isn't reflected in the sky or textures of the buildings.

The painting is still wonderful.
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i put thick paint mostly on the wet street intentionally... i thought it could create an interesting parallel
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