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Yes! You really got the point, but I wouldn't expect less from someone with "savage" on her name ;P
There is food literally all around us, that grows even in the sidewalk you pass by everyday. Thousands of edible plant species, but we only eat the same ones everyday and have to buy them coming from far away, so it's not even fresh anymore, depending on transport, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, preservatives, money, plastics, etc...
The future needs this revolution w00t! 
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Llama...an important part of life 
Wow thank you so much SavageFrog, I'm deeply honored Blush
There's a whole (green) world of possibilities out there for us to explore and experience Sherlock HolmesPainterI'm hungry...Get in my belly!
Thank you ikazon! Glad you liked it ;)
I'll cross my fingers Pray 
 Project Title: "Feralis ruderalis"

FERALISb by tamino  

Project Description:
Worldwide, a cultural revolution is taking place that is changing the way we relate with nature and the planet. The way we eat is one of the most important. In Brazil, the acronym "PANC - Plantas Alimentícias Não Convencionais" has been created recently, which means "Unconventional Edible Plants" in portuguese. It opens up an entire universe of new flavors, as it describes edible plants that are quite common but that are not normally used as food, that are unknown to most people. 

They can also be described as "wild foods", plants that grow spontaneously, so they don't need to be planted, watered, fertilized, etc, they can simply be gathered, like our ancestors used to do. This is a revolutionary approach to agriculture and gastronomy, as it could save a lot of materials, supplies, money, energy, etc, aiming towards a more sustainable future for all and feeding people that could otherwise suffer from hunger. Me and my partner Juliana started to learn about these plants when studying about sustainability, agro-ecology and politics.

With that in mind we created the project "PANC is PUNK!" (pun intended, as both words have the same sound in Portuguese), in which I painted these Unconventional Edible Plants over propaganda billboards for political campaigns we found in the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, during the elections. Replacing the politicians, their names and party titles, I painted these plants over them, along with their popular and scientific names, something that really should be known to everyone. Together with some friends that also work in the area, we created an event where people could see the art and eat from a menu of dishes made with those plants. 

Zine2eng by tamino

Now we're taking this project further ahead, and naming it "Feralis ruderalis". "Feral" makes reference to any domesticated being that goes back to its wild state, and "Ruderal" designates plants that follow humankind's steps, growing wherever man destabilizes and changes its original environment. Its etymology derives from the latin "rudus", which means "rubble", meaning that those are plants that grow in the debris that we create, in our ruins, claiming the environment for nature once again. So a cycle is created, one that allows for domesticated beings and spaces to be taken over by the forces of the wild, a wheel and game of words mixing latin and english: Feral is Ruderal is Feral is Ruderal is... Feralis ruderalis. Showing and teaching about how the wild forces in nature can help us go back to a place where we were better integrated with the world and with ourselves, is our task and what we have chosen to work with.

IMG 2839a by tamino  

We have a privileged space in the middle of the rainforest, where you can see many wild animals, like howler monkeys, in their native habitat. This space is located in the outskirts of the city of São Paulo, and we are starting to use as an art and nature education / immersion center. São Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the world, so the closeness to it is great for gathering people that need this reinvigorating contact with nature and art. The native forest we have here is the brazilian Atlantic Forest, which has lost more than 90% of its cover (result of the same kind of destruction that is happening today in the Amazon), so it's really important to save and protect what is left of it, and teach people of its vital importance. Art and experience can make people really value nature in a more practical way, because we tend to care more for what we know and understand, for the things that we develop a relationship with. That way, tasting it in a more direct manner, you can really understand what it is that you must protect and why. We are in need of funding to repair and better equip our work-space to make it a proper education center, where human and nature go side by side, and also to print our art / education material to spread these ideas.

IMG 7391a by tamino

Project Plan:
One of our objectives in the moment is to print an artistic / educative publication to aid in the spreading of these ideas, that we're already writing and designing. We're also creating new art that reflects upon these themes that is going to be present in the publication. Our intention is that with it we can teach this important lost knowledge that we feel we must share with everyone. All we need is the money to print it.

We also need to get our camera cleaned and repaired and we are in great need of a new better lens for it, so we can take better pictures of our art and of nature around us to better express our vision and share it with the world.

Untitled by tamino  

Our space in the rainforest needs some repairs and improvements in its infrastructure to be able to receive students and visitors. We have started to make some of the repairs using bioconstruction, doing most of the work ourselves, but we still need a lot of funds to make it the way we envisioned, to complete the studio and kitchen, where the dream-art-magic will take place. We will teach nature observation and art techniques, along with the wild and experimental culinary that we have been developing for 10 years now, as gastronomy is an art that entices all of our senses, and a new world of culinary and food art, "conceptual cuisine", is emerging.

The junction of art and nature is essencial right now, as art is the greatest of all communication techniques and my 15 years in deviantart have been a great help in developing the world view I have today, and I will certainly bring all the results from this new project to the deviant community! It is a dream that is as devious as can be, because it points in the direction of a new way of living that puts together all of our human potential, challenging and defying an old world view in favor of a revolutionary new way of looking upon nature and mankind.

Project Budget
- We need money to print our Feralis ruderalis / PANC is PUNK! art / education project publication, for that the $750 prize would fit our needs.
- We need to repair our camera and to buy a new lens, to be able to capture our creations and share them with the world, so we could use the $500 prize for that.
- And more importantly, we are in need of funds to improve and create a proper art studio and kitchen in which to make our artistic / anarcho-gastronomic creations and teach everything we know about these revolutionary new ideas to the public. For all that we could really use the $5.000 prize. It would be perfect for everything we need to accomplish and make our dreams a reality, but even $100 will already help, as any amount will be very welcome and used on this project. Thank you so much! ;) (Wink)