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Timothy Jenkins
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All about me:
Hey there, I'm Tim!
I almost always write in caps and I have too many wives.
Hypocrit at my finest.
An ego of the size of the United States.

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Another Meme - 8 Facts

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 2, 2017, 3:46 PM

:new: Got rudely (a)tagged again by :iconpenelopejadewing: for Aosa agin so HERE COMES ROUND TWO!

Got tagged by :icontraceofhatred: for Aosa again but since I did him already and any other is ok too, I'll add Tokara now. >)
Also :iconjaz-saxx: requested Lukas.

Got tagged by :iconrieule: for Hikaroo and :icongreenfrogsina: and :iconsoulofpersephone: for Anri.

Got tagged again, this time by :iconstrawberriontop: for Aosa.

:iconpenelopejadewing: tagged me to do this with Karigane and who am I to turn them down.

1. Post the rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators.


  1. There are no 8 facts about Hikaroo, save me. OK, so His name is Sakaguchi Hikaru.

  2. He has a sister called Airi, she belongs to :iconkii-wi:. She is not allowed anywhere near his closet because she tries to change his wardrobe to actual fashion and he doesn't want this.

  3. His future wife is his best friend. They were never madly in love with each other but there is noone else that would understand the other so well so once they are older they are like "why not" and get married. It should be noted that this marriage based on friendship and trust is a very strong and durable one.

  4. Their future kid is constantly exasperated and tired of them, because they never really change.

  5. Hikaroo was more worried about the bear than RIriko, on that camping trip when she wrestled it. He knew she'd be fine.

  6. Hikaroo is a video game nerd. He plays a lot of things, except for Otome games. He tried but they failed him. He is also into action and adventure movies.

  7. He made friends. I don't know how. Those he considers close got to meet his true persoanlity. The petty person he really is. To everyone else he is very nice and understanding.

  8. He can cook simple meals and cup ramen. He prefers to eat healthier meals tho because he wants to go pro someday. No fast food for him.


[TG] Outside by Taminki  [TG] Burn this fat by Taminki  [TG] I got the power by Taminki

  1. After Kazue came back to the Kitsune, she invited Anri for dinner. It turned into a date, turned into a one-night-stand, turned into a relationship all in the matter of 24 hours. 

  2. The next day they had their second date and they talked, got to know each other. Talking so much inflamed his voice cords. He was hoarse and unable to make a sound for days. Now he is trying to teach Kazue sign language so she can talk to him whenever and can understand his replies.

  3. Anri met Jinta during the Chunin exam's second round and they succeeded with flying colours. They finished the exam in 3 hours ouf of eight, finished their opponents in one turn and returned with barely a scratch on them. Now they are kind of bros and Anri wouldn't mind teaming up with him again.

  4. Anri makes horrible first impressions with his stench and unwillingness to talk but in the end most people walk away pleasantly surprised. So far only few people actually hate him even though he isn't the nicest fellow.

  5. Anri lost his father and youngest brother in the masked men's attack. Anri did manage to move on but he is aware his family did not. He is trying his best to fill the gap his father left and be a role model to Kohaku.

  6. Mamoru uses Henge a lot and therefore Anri and him switch places a lot. It's kind of their thing. Mamoru is comfortable with it since Anri himself is quite feral so he doesn't have to behave to human.

  7. Anri is currently in the process of figuring out his future. Which means he thinks about what he wants to achieve, how to get there and who to take on this journey. ; )

  8. He is not very affected by words. That's because he doesn't care much about them. 


Farewell by Taminki  See the sun by Taminki  [TG] You should learn how this game works by Taminki

  1. Aosa is an expert on nail polish and frequently paints other people's nails if they are interested.

  2. He considers himself to be a very boring person, judging from people's reactions. What else would you conclude if you, despite people finding you pretty, never get invited on dates or if you're about the only person you know who prefers terribly bland food and everyone makes a face at that? Obviously, he must have a personality as bland as flavorless as his favorite food. This is why he stays in the background and only speaks up when absolutely necessary, he doesn't want to bore anyone.

  3. Kind gestures and generosity confuse him and put him under immense stress to find the appropriate response. It's simply because he is still not used to getting and accepting help, compliments, praise or any other form of positive feedback.

  4. He does not expect his partner in a relationship to be loyal. There is no jealousy from his side. His priorities lie somewhere else.

  5. However, in a relationship he expects honesty. So if you happen to fall for someone else, just tell him. You can actually talk it out with him, he is cool with that.

  6. Aosa loves art of any kind, be it painting or music or, his newest hobby, Origami. He is trying to fold the smallest crane and keeps getting better and better at it.

  7. Aosa strictly separates work from private matters. He doesn't give out personal info on missions and you will never see him drinking before, during or after a mission. For him, the job only ends when he is back home.

  8. Aosa never smoked before but now he has a pipe. That he occasionally uses when things get too stressful. It was a gift, so how could he refuse? He only smokes at home though and very rarely.

  9. Aosa is rather honest. He is not very good at lying so he prefers to tell half-truths instead. 

  10. The sensory brigade is his pride and joy, this is where he feels at home and most useful. Don't get him wrong, he enjoys politics, but he can imagine more interesting things than heckling with frustratingly stubborn politicians about issues that could be resolved easier if people wouldn't cling to their preconceptions so stubbornly. 

  11. The reason Aosa joined the fox was initially his team, Shinju and Himawari Kitsune. However, after Shinju's death, he reexamined his allegiance, trying to figure out what was important to him and what faction aligned best with his plans. Surprise, it was the fox. So he was rather lucky things worked out the way it did.

  12. Aosa's sense of humour is very subtle and mostly dry sarcasm. This often gets misunderstood as not having a sense of humour at all. 

  13. He is very capable of defending himself. Because of his appearance and mannerism, he often gets underestimated, but he has a rather sharp tongue if he deems it necessary and while he is pretty useless in brawls, his knowledge of the chakra based jutsu is pretty solid.

  14. Aosa likes routine. Routine means no stress. No stress means less chances of an anxiety attacks out of the blue.

  15. As observant as he usually is, he has yet to figure out that Tsurugi dislikes tea. The idea just seems unfathomable to him, how could anyone not like tea?!

  16. Despite his initial suspicions, he is now very fond of Tonbo Kyuden and The White Lily. They are very capable genjutsu users and he has high respect for them. 


Karigane Asukai - The Dim Lantern by Taminki   Safe and Sound by Taminki  The Phoenix by Taminki

  1. I mentioned it before but Karigane actually has a thing for fashion. That he doesn't really look like he did is because he barely takes the time to stop and think about what he is wearing before he puts ont he first thing he grabs from his wardrobe. The other reason is that he is young and in his mind things usually look cooler than in real life. Eventually he will get there though. However, he already has an eye for quality and most of the clothing pieces he owns are designed by himself and tailored by a professional tailor after his specific instructions and requests.

  2. He is a firm believer in the supernatural, even though he would deny it towards his friends to not come off as a total loser. But after becoming friends with a Minawa and meeting a real ghost once, his belief only fortified. He is taking spiritual ceremonies very seriously. This does not mean he was scared of ghosts. He actually likes conversations with them a lot.

  3. Karigane may be the last RPC to fully and completely believe in the Phoenix's ideals and actions. If he didn't, everything up to this would be pointless. He does not want Chieri's and Tsuyoi's (his sister and her friend) exile to be pointless, nor killing all those dragon people. EVen though he doesn't exactly let it on he is highly displeased with many other members of the faction who seem to either just be in for the money or miss the point completely by disagreeing with pretty much every necessary measure without ever providing a better idea themselves (or they simply propose measures that are utopic and wouldn't work in their particular situation. Having noble goals is one thing, being delusional a totally different one). Complaining is easy and even though he doesn't let it on, he is very much fed up with those people.

  4. Karigane is known to be the worst wingman ever.... mostly because he is very direct and honest. He might just mention how often you sighed her name int he last two hours or how you usually aren't into flat-chested ladies but she seems to be an exception, all the while looking her up and down as if he is trying to find the reason you're so hopelessly infatuated with her. He is too curious and open. Also, if she isn't a Kitsune or Branche House or some other way of off-limits, he might even get a crush himself and then he'll find ways to include himself in your conversations and that's super awkward.

  5. He has had countless unrequited crushes. He only had a girlfriend once, for about a day in Kosetsumura, until he had to leave again. Everyone else just broke his heart a little more, as they picked different partners or became unattainable in another way. But right now this doesn't really matter as his heart has been shattered by something that has nothing to do with romance. I intend to expand on this in a certain set of missions, but that's for another time.

  6. Karigane is one of the students in sealing who first grasped the concept of different sealing methods. He realized during the faction wars, that every clan used a different method of sealing and protecting their scrolls and asked Junichi to teach him about it. By now the Asukai mostly use scrolls with seals improved by Karigane for important matters.

  7. His oldest friend is Kaoru Asukai. He knows him for as long as he can remember and almost considers him a brother. Their fathers have been friends for years and Karigane often goes over to hang out like he used to when he was younger. Kaoru practiced sword-fighting with him and Hayate babysat him whenever both of his parents were busy. Kaoru joining a different faction was something of a shock. 

  8. Karigane never got along well with any of his teachers. Kameko and Karigane were a clashing disaster in personalities. He annoyed her and she disappointed him. The pink haired one is hardly present in his life. I can't even remember her name. Junichi is not terribly fond of anyone so that's that. None of his teachers like him, he is a horrible student, but he could really use a good role model.


Namari no Sora omoku tarekomi by Taminki  'Cause you're hot then you're cold by Taminki  Dollfaces by Taminki

  1. Tokara does not care about factions. That she joined them has to do with her following her own goal for which she needed to learn accounting and how taxes work. Now that she did, she returns to her clan to work on her career. Her career of being a ninja accountant.

  2. If you owe her money and she doesn't remind you, it doesn't mean she had forgotten. She is just stacking the interest to remind you next year again...with a full receipt about the newly accumulated debt.

  3. She has somewhat lose morals when it comes to money, however, everything has it's price and if you can't make her an offer that she deems worth it, then she is not abandoning her principles. 

  4. Tokara gets along best with male Hibiki and Branche Asukai. They value similar things and are temperwise the most relaxed people she met. Female clan members except for one or two exceptions seem a little too high strung.

  5. She wants to move in with Hinoiri, but couldn't muster up the courage to ask her. She worries that Hinoiri doesn't feel that way and that maybe she is moving too fast, seeing how Hibiki seem to have a very different view of relationships and dating as she herself grew up with. That's why she chickened out and returned home for now.

  6. It's very hard for her to make friends. Almost noone has an interest in accounting or in ancestral masks. There are just no shared interests with other people.

  7. Tokara tends to be a bit dismissive towards most shinobi because a lot of them seem very immature and narrow-minded to her. If you don't have any experiences outside of being a shinobi, then you are a useless member of society and need to get a job and a taste of real life.

  8. She has a very straight-forward approach to most things. She has always followed her own head without consulting others so even her family doesn't know what she is up to most of the time. But seeing as she is very capable to tae care of herself and handling any problems on her own, she enjoys a lot of freedom to do what she pleases.


[AL] RIP (You and me) by Taminki  [AL] 2.2 - Sundays by Taminki  [AL] 1.1 - Meeting the Bone Alchemist by Taminki

  1. Lukas' new roommare is Atticus and during a conversation he asked him if Lukas never gets tired. He was pretty surprised by the question, because so far he has not been aware that he gave off the impression of endless energy. In fact, he has his ups and downs too, he is just better at hiding it than others.

  2. When Lukas is serious about someone, he has a bit of a problem getting that across, seeing as he always flirts with everyone. He tends to not be taken seriously, so he'll actually tone down the flirtiness. Also "I love you" doesn't work so he had to find other phrases for serious use.

  3. Lukas can't be trusted with a task that takes longer and that doesn't interest him in the slightest. Like cooking. He will absolutely forget the food on the stove and burn down the house in the process. 

  4. Lukas is prone to fevers. When he gets sick, there is somehow always a fever accompanying it. 

  5. He is a really good artist, his medium of choice being pencil or charcoal. He can sketch very fast from memory too, which is how he managed to make a copy from the Drachman Map he found.

  6. Due to his problems with figures of authority, he still gets into fights with Sarge every week. This also means a shitton of disciplinary measures (mostly tedious tasks) that he has to do.

  7. Despite his smarts, Lukas never officially finished school. He caused too many problems at a public school, then his mother attempted homeschooling, which didn't go that well. Thanks to Alexis, Lukas got a decent education anyway, he just has no proof. Becoming an alchemist was his last chance to be able to go into research.

  8. With 15/16 Lukas led his own gang in the neighbourhood. It was a closeknit group of admirers and loyal friends, Xiaolian was his right hand woman and it was the best year of his life. He made a name for himself and was the King of that neighbourhod. A year later, the group broke apart when their leader disappeared for a while. When he tuned up again after a few months, he had no interest in rebuilding it, so it was a very brief reign.
I tag :iconarztea: for Ying, :iconpetitepurrito: for XiaoLian, :iconchasingthedreamagain: for Masaru, :iconsuzakutrip: for Aya, :iconpinkablu: for Mio, :iconsoulofpersephone: for Kazue, :iconvarrebeest: for Akimitsu and :iconkii-wi: for Hinoiri.



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