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Tutorial: How to draw a paralogos

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This is a quick and easy guide to show how the body types of a paralogos works!
In case you cannot read the writing on the image, here is a breakdown of the paralogos body:
They have arched backs and slender faces with a large crest / horn coming from the back of their head, with a sail fin inside. They have fairly long necks. Their hands have five digits and their strong back legs have three, some with claws and some without. Their tails are fairly long and segmented. A long trail of lights runs down the side of all paras, and almost always down the tail as well (on BOTH sides). Some paras have extra spines, fins, feathers, many lights, a few lights, big or small lights, accessories, and more! All have varied markings depending on the word they are based on. For any questions about how to draw a paralogos, feel free to ask myself or mewhaku

Paralogos are a closed species created by mewhaku and are only available to members of ParalogosDictionary 
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I hope this helps people!