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Paralogos: Batch 6 [CLOSED]


Paralogos are parasaurolophus inspired creatures (closed species) that are themed around specific concrete or abstract words in any language. There can only be one paralogos for each word at a time. Join the Paralogos Dictionary!

-You can choose the gender and personality, unless you want me to assign one.
-I will put them on hold for a reasonable amount of time, as long as you let me know the reason!
-If you have any questions about the species, ask me or mewhaku for answers!
-Paralogos Adoption Information is found in the linked journal!


All designs are 300 Points or $3 USD sent to my paypal.


1) [MINE - NOT FOR SALE] Watermelon - design incorporates the bright colours of a sweet watermelon. the freckles are reminiscent of the small black seeds of the fruit!

2) [CLOSED] Wolf (Gray) - design reflects that of a common gray wolf. When i picture a wolf i picture piercing yellow eyes so i incorporated the yellow in to the design! they have fur instead of typical paralogos scales. The spines on his back sorta look like fangs!

3) [CLOSED] Woods - design incorporates a variety of browns and greens that could be found in a forest. the staggered yellow lights represent fireflies, and i chose the bright colour to represent the peace some find in the woods, to contrast the dark, scary colours. the spines on their back look somewhat like sticks, and they wear a scarf because explorers need to keep warm, right?? :3

4) [CLOSED] Warrior - design incorporates the browns and reds i picture when i think of a gladiator's arena, the crash between two colliding armies, and the uniform of ancient warriors. They always carry their shield in case the need arises. They have very few lights as to avoid calling attraction to them in a battlefield. 
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Warrior? (Note paypal if yes, please)