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Mary Shelley

By tamiart
Mary Shelley began writing her novel Frankenstein when she was only 18 years old. It started one night in Switzerland during a party with her friends, where they challenged each other to write a ghost story. Out of that simple challenge she created one of the most beloved monsters in history.
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Her husband was an overrated philosopher, but his fame at the time likely helped get her published.
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I remember reading about this only last year, I had no idea this story was simply for a contest between friends, great picture too! She looks sneaky to me... Like she knows how successful what she writes, would turn out!
Another great picture!

Was she really left handed or did you fliped the image?
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Excellent work on this tribute to a remarkable author. :clap:
And nice touch drawing the monster's silhouette outside =P
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A woman worth of a lotta repsect. It can be argued that she's one of the most influential writers in all modern history, as the spiritual successors of her Monster are so numerous.
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I suspect the Munsters were inspired by her! Was she really left handed? I'm a righty, but I'm just curious.
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It can also be argued that the many robots, cyborgs, mutants and other monstrous beings that aim to seek out and confront their creators and/or look for their humanity and a place in "normal" society are spiritual successors of Shelley's monster. Dunno about her handedness, though.
And she initiated the sci-fi/horror genre. Great piece.
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Great picture! And I really like the idea)
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Gorgeous color scheme!!
delightedmuse's avatar
Beautiful job! I like the way this is slanted to give it an extra eerie feeling :)
FridaFries's avatar
Kinda reminded me of heromine from harry potter?
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Wow. I didn't know that. Amazing
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The lighting is nice :)
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This is just awesome :D
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Simply gorgeous details and lining, wonderful muted light, great sense of story.
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I love the lighting :) Keep up the good work.
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Cheers to a well done clean piece! :D
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