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So this is my Audino Tobias or Toby for short. He is my first boy trap for those of you that don't know me. I wanted to make him look more like a boy but as I drew out his body it looked so girly. I wanted to change it around but I found that the design I made was just perfect of what I wanted.

Now some of you my ask: "Why didn't you just make him a girl?"
Well I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to make my first trap. Plus, the Pokemon itself is a little hard to make it look boyish, so I girl'd him up lol.

Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy my version of a Audino!

    ❣ Pokemon Info

    Name: Tobias or Toby
    Trainer: Tami Babi
    Age: 13
    Height: 5'3"
    Friend: None at this moment
    Love Interest: None at this moment
    Personality: Sweet, gentle, affectionate and sometimes shy.
    Toby has to be one of Tamis most helpful Pokemon on Tamis team. He never gives Tami any trouble and is always helping her with her younger pokemon. He loves being Tamis little helper and calling her Mama even if he knows very well that she isn't. He just knows that it makes Tami happy and is always willing to go out and beyond to make Tami smile.
    Before he was caught by Tami, he lived with a bunch of other Audino's that were all girls. A lot of what they did and how they acted rubbed off on him. But just because he looks girly doesn't mean he doesn't like to do what boys his age do. He loves running around, getting dirty only because he really enjoys the clean up afterwards.
    How Captured:
    While Tami was out on a hike, she stumbled on to Toby when he was being attacked by another Pokemon's. Feeling like she should help, battled off the Pokemon that were picking on Toby. As thanks for what Tami did, Toby asked if he could be part of Tami's team and agreed to it.
    -Toby really wants to be is a doctor. He always enjoys healing the younger Pokemons scraps and bruises on his team.
    -One thing Toby is really good at is sensing people and pokemons real feelings towards thing. So he knows when Tami is sad even if she has a smile on her face. A lot of times he will sing to Tami to make her feel better.
    -Toby's favorite color is pink and doesn't mind when others make fun of him for liking that color.
    -Due to Tobys incredible hearing ability, when one of his Teammates are missing, he can easily find them for Tami before she even notices that they have been gone.
    Numbered Items:
    1. Scarf || 2. Heart Sunglasses || 3. Alternative Shoe || 4. Pink Boxed First Aid-Kit

    ❣ Pokemon Team: [link]

    Time Spent: 5 hours
    Media Used: Paint Tool SAI & PhotoShop CS5

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Oh god so cute 0A0