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Oh my goodness this took me forever! I was having the toughest time with redrawing my trainer it's not even funny. I wanted to give her a new outfit for her gym battles but I didn't want to make it look too serious for her. She still wears her original outfit I had made for her and even the outfit she used for her v-day with Gobi…. I really should make an outfit sheet for my trainer but I will after I finish with other things I need to get to. Anyhow, enjoy my new and improved Trainer Tami!

    ✿ Trainer Info

    Name: Tami Babi - (bah-bee)
    Starter: Aya
    Gym Badge: Moony Bear
    Age: 25 – looks 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6"
    Best Friend: Anasai & London
    Close Friend: Ace, Gobi, Kyler, Tee & Roxy,
    Love Interest: Gobi
    Likes: Baby Pokemon, Foods Of All Kinds, Gobi, Warm Colors, Going Out For Walks or Hikes, Gobi, Bears, Sweet Smells, Flowers, Sunshine, Oh! And Gobi.
    Dislikes: Lightning/Thunder, Putting her younger Pokemon to battle, talking about her first Pokemon, when people underestimates her strength and when her Legendary Pokemon, Zero, gives her a hard time.
    Personality: Happy-go-lucky, sweet, extremity motherly, sometimes a little shy but only because of her innocent nature. She only steps out of her cheerful mood when Anasai is pestering her. Anasai can also be the only person that came make Tami competitive or enraged. Other then that, Tami is very peaceful, loving and understanding.
    History: Born and raised in Sunshine Valley, her mood is like her home; always sunny and bright. Hardly anything can put a frown on her face expect when people start asking her how she became an Elite Four. She couldn't have made it as far as she had if it wasn't for her best friend Anasai and her first Pokémon, an old Ursaring that was given to her by her mother. No longer part of her team, she prefers not to talk about her Ursaring seeing as he wasn't just a Pokémon to her but like a second father.

    Tami's two parents, while always kind and loving, they are both extremely competitive Pokémon trainers. So her mother's Ursaring was the one that raised Tami while they were gone. But this doesn't mean they were never around; they were always there for Tami on birthdays, holidays or just making sure they make it to one of Tami's important battles. When Tami got a little older and more interested in become a trainer herself, she was given her mother's Ursaring to be her first Pokémon. Being at a level 84, he was the one that helped her get to where she is; of course, like stated before; she had some help from her best friend Anasai.

    Tami met Anasai at the age of 14 by friendly battle and from then they have been inseparable. Always around one another, most people in the Valley believe that Tami and Anasai are sisters; of course they aren't but they might as well be. Always having each other's back, they make sure pushing one another to become better and stronger. Sure they having silly fights over stupid things but isn't that what true siblings do? No worries though; their fights never last long seeing as they both tend to forget what the heck they were fighting about in the first place; just like they forgot the bet they had made to one another if they had leveled one of their Pokémon up to a level 100. They will always be the best of friends no matter what is thrown their way or what other friends they make.

    Anasai isn't Tami's only friend; she has made many at the Sunshine Daycare like cute Ace and sweet Gobi. She is still getting to know the two and many others at the Daycare but her mind has been set to impress only one person. Being her new and really first love interest, Gobi has caught Tami's attention. She never seen Gobi till he had become a gym leader; this is what got her to notice him. From then, whenever she gets the change, she goes to bother poor Gobi. She has realized that her presence makes him sick so she tries not to always be around him but sometimes she can't help it. She is in love with him after all.

    Miscellaneous: With befriending Ace, Tami doesn't really understand when he is hitting on her. She's has never had many people interested in her so she tends to space out when Ace pulls out one of his pickup lines. Anasai tries to explain what Ace is going on about but Tami has a strong suspicion that Anasai enjoys her suffering; so the exampling only turns to laugh at Tami's confusion.

    Aside from being completely blind at times, Tami tries her best to eat healthy foods that she makes herself. If she eats any junk food or too many sweets, her breast start to grow to an abnormal size. Not something she really enjoys is also a reason why she always has to have something over her shoulders; it makes for an easy cover up if and when her breasts decide to grow on her. Tami also should never wear dresses or skirts; that is without shorts or pants under them. She tends to jump around too much which leads to her panties always showing.

    Another thing about Tami is that she prefers that all her Pokémon call her Mama seeing as she sees them like her children. The only Pokémon on her team that refuses to call her Mama is her Legendary Pokémon Zekrom; he is also the strongest and oldest Pokémon on her team. And if you haven't noticed already, Tami's team is filled with bear like Pokémon. Tami's love for bears is something she picked up thanks to her Ursaring she use to have. Too bad there aren't many bear like Pokémon or her team would be massive.

    Number Items: 1. Bag that holds all the items || 2. Sack of cookies and candies || 3. Flashlight || 4. Potions || 5. Pokedex || 6. Packed homemade lunch || 7. Story book

    Tami's Gym: It can't be really called a gym seeing as when you think of the word 'gym', a building where battles happen comes to mind. Tami's Gym is a large field with tall grass, a few stoned rocks and a stream by the different kinds of flowers. Tami wanted her gym to be outside giving Pokemon more room to rome and battle. To see how the gym is laid out, you would have to be looking at it from above, other then that, it looks like a normal field that people and Pokemon can play at.

    ✿ Pokemon Team:…

    Time Spent: 15 hours
    Media Used: Paint Tool SAI & PhotoShop CS5

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